Energy Saving Solutions

Once you are committed to saving energy, work with the company that has a trusted reputation for delivering guaranteed results, is the manufacturer of energy saving technologies, and has an in-depth knowledge of energy saving solutions. Vootu provides custom solutions for every client, because every business utilizes/wastes power differently.

It’s crucial to work with Energy Saving Professionals that understand the entire problem and can provide you with the maximum amount of savings.

vootu Energy Saving Solutions - Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring System

The first step in any effective energy efficiency plan is to gain full visibility of how your business is using electricity. Every month you blindly pay your energy bill, not questioning the charges or verifying the accuracy. Our real-time energy monitoring system exposes all energy inefficiencies and takes the guesswork out of the saving opportunities for your location. It also allows us to verify that any solution we implement is working, and ensures you are achieving the maximum savings. The EMS dashboard is easy to understand with real-time graphs and reports, and is easily accessible online so you can check on your business energy usage anytime, anywhere. Energy Monitoring is the tool needed to operate your business efficiently in today’s world.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure!

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems account for a large percentage of your electricity costs.  By installing our air-conditioning energy reduction technology, your electric usage is reduced significantly. Vootu has developed patented technology that adds an extra level of intelligence to your cooling system, primarily focused on reducing energy consumption without compromising cooling comfort. As a result, your air conditioner’s performance improves by becoming energy efficient.

Why overpay to stay comfortable?

Energy efficiency with vootu Energy Saving Solutions - HVAC
energy efficiency; energy management; energy saving solutions


Commercial refrigeration units account for nearly 20% of the world’s energy consumption. With multiple components all contributing to wasted energy, vootu has a suite of solutions to reduce refrigerators energy consumption. Our devices monitor accurately produced temperatures to prolong product shelf life. Our solutions are applicable on refrigerators and freezers, whether they are open door or walk-in size. Our track record of energy savings is backed by hundreds of installs nationwide.

Prolong your equipment’s life span, increase the safety of food storage, and lower your electric costs!


Motors are everywhere- escalators, conveyors, pumps, fans and other applications. 66% of the world’s energy is consumed via electrical motor. Uncontrolled motors spike energy costs, as it unnecessarily uses 3x more energy than needed to reach full speed. Once full speed has been achieved the inefficiencies can be heard in the form of noise, motor temperature increases, and vibrations are felt. By installing a vootu motor control, the start-up sequence is controlled causing the motor to accelerate progressively. Once at full speed, the energy saving circuit controls the energy intake, delivering exactly what is needed for the motor to perform sufficiently. Our motor control devices increase the life span of your motors.

Cutting costs has never been so easy!

energy efficiency; energy management; energy saving solutions
energy efficiency; energy management; energy saving solutions

LED Lighting

We have developed the industry best, widest range of commercial LED Lighting, and are confident that we can convert any legacy lighting fixture to High Efficiency LED. We have perfected high performance, reliable, superior light quality products that deliver the best value. Upgrading to LED is a quick return on investment, provides better illumination, higher color render index, and contains no harmful ultraviolet or infa-red lighting spectrum’s. Our lighting products are Energy Star, UL, and DLC approved where applicable. All vootu products are covered by our extended warranties. LED Lighting represents one of the quickest returns on investment if done properly.

Why take a risk when vootu has engineered a risk free way to transition into today’s high performance LED Lighting!

How many of these energy hogs do you have? Working with vootu guarantees a RISK FREE approach to saving energy! Let us show you how.  Contact Us