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Even the government is telling us to STOP PROCRASTINATING and adopt energy efficient practices and products. The cost of delaying energy inefficiencies could be extraordinary. On average, 30 cents of every dollarContinue Reading
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How did we get to LED Lighting? Lets look at the history of lighting. The world would be a dark place without electric light bulbs. Can you imagine trying toContinue Reading
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Saving Energy – Everyone likes having extra cash in their pockets, so why is the concept of energy efficiency often overlooked? Becoming fully energy efficient is something that must beContinue Reading
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If you are business owner or the persons responsible for paying a corporate electric bill, vootu can help you save money for years through energy efficiency! Vootu assists gyms, restaurants,Continue Reading
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Everyone has heard the rumor that installing solar panels will dramatically reduce your energy bill. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. Many people spend an immense amount of money on solarContinue Reading
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