Energy Saving Solutions

The problem with energy waste has long been ignored… WHY?

  • Simply.. you can’t see it happening!
  • And you don’t know how much it’s costing you.
  • So you ignore the problem.


There’s a Smarter Approach:

  • Recognize there is a problem
  • Commit to fixing the entire problem
  • Contact Vootu Certified Energy Consultants
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With Vootu you have a strategic partner that is vested in your company’s energy cost / savings going forward.

Guaranteed reduction in utility costs: 20-40% going forward. Guaranteed not to increase your costs. Very quick ROI and Guaranteed savings to your bottom line.

Vootu Energy Mgt

Energy Monitoring System

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure!” 

vootu’s Energy Monitoring System is the backbone of our success. Without visibility of your energy usage you have no control.

  • Identify ALL energy problems, anomalies
  • Build an energy reduction plan
  • Gain Control
  • Fix all the problems
  • Follow Vootu guidelines to stay within energy plan

Air Conditioning

“Staying cool should be affordable.”

Vootu’s proprietary i-Cool solution optimizes system efficiency by at least 20% without affecting cooling comfort. “Remove the wasted energy by adding vootu intelligence.”

  • Simple install/removal to an A/C system
  • Works for any size unit
  • Transportable to a new unit or location when the time comes
vootu energy mgt group
vootu energy mgt group


“Protecting your produce should not be costly.”

vootu refrigeration energy saving technologies easily achieve 30% energy savings and prolong produce life.

  • Simple retrofit solutions
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Achieve accurate temperature control
  • Suitable for all walk in refrigerators and freezers
  • Works on any size unit


“Operating machinery driven by electric motors will be less expensive.”

vootu’s range of intelligent motor controls achieve significant energy savings between 15 – 25% depending on the application.

  • Both single & three phase applications
  • Reduce demand costs
  • Extend Motor life
  • Reduce drive train start up stress
  • Easy retrofit solution
energy efficiency; energy management; energy saving solutions

LED Lighting

“Let there be light… without the high price!”

vootu’s range of high efficiency LED lighting solutions are industry best value, proven reliable and achieve 50-90% energy reductions , depending on the light source.

  • Internal & External solutions
  • Both retrofit & new fixture options
  • No toxic chemicals or infrared light
  • Low operating temperature
  • No eye fatigue
  • No maintenance

Is YOUR Business optimized in any of these critical areas?

Working with vootu guarantees a RISK FREE approach to saving energy.

Let us show you how.