how to save electricity bills

How to Save Electricity Bills

Posted by David Watson on  January 29, 2021
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How to save electricity bills is now becoming a much more common question. Most people appear to see energy savings as a relatively small opportunity with little financial benefits to be gained for the effort it takes. It’s my experience  that electricity saving opportunities are like icebergs, in so far as there are far more opportunities hidden below the surface than you can actually see or understand! To truly understand all the potential opportunities to

Knowledge is POWER

Posted by David Watson on  January 28, 2021
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It is said that knowledge is power! I believe that to be perfectly true, although no one has the ability to retain all knowledge, that’s why we each specialize in our preferred fields. When it comes to power in terms of energy, knowledge is certainly necessary to understand this complex field. Here at vootu our knowledge is our greatest power, in being able to understand the many ways in which power/energy can be unknowingly wasted
Electricity Savings

Electricity Savings

Posted by David Watson on  January 11, 2021
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Electricity Savings should be on everyone’s “to do list” in 2021, as the cost of electricity will only continue to rise, the future simply gets more expensive if nothing is done to address this common problem. One reason most businesses chose for ignoring this problem, is because their electricity bill lacks the data necessary to draw their attention to the problem. Imagine having “wasted electricity” itemized on your monthly electric bill, that would surely get
Eliminate energy waste in 2021

Eliminate Electricity You Waste in 2021

Posted by David Watson on  January 2, 2021
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A great New Years Resolution for 2021 would be to eliminate electricity you waste, helping you save money and combat global climate change, accelerated by your inefficient energy usage. If you thought reducing the electricity  you waste  would be difficult, it is! that’s why vootu are here to help. Our reputation for offering budget neutral energy saving programs is why so many organizations decide to work with vootu. Electricity waste always happens, silently increasing your
Electricity use

Electricity Powers the Future

Posted by David Watson on  November 4, 2020
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Category: Energy Savings
Electricity has always been the predominant driving force powering every building; it’s essential to all of our daily activities, whether its leisure or business, electricity powers our lives. There is no denying our total dependency for electricity, but it’s rising costs has today made it a target for potential expense reduction. According to the EIA’s average price of electricity, to ultimate consumers between 2010 and 2019, cents per kilowatt hour, across all sectors rose from