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Even the government is telling us to STOP PROCRASTINATING and adopt energy efficient practices and products. The cost of delaying energy inefficiencies could be extraordinary. On average, 30 cents of every dollar that organizations spend on energy use in commercial buildings is wasted. Since inception, ENERGY STAR has shown impressive results: in 2010 Americans and businesses saved nearly $18 billion on utility bills. How much money is your organization wasting? THE TIME TO CHANGE THE WAY WE
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LED Lighting

Posted by knewby on  November 19, 2017

How did we get to LED Lighting? Lets look at the history of lighting. The world would be a dark place without electric light bulbs. Can you imagine trying to read by candlelight? Until 1879 when Edison’s version of the incandescent light became an everyday convenience, fire was still the best way to light up a dark room. For the next 80 or so years scientists continued to make small advancements  in reducing cost and
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5 Easy Tips on Saving Energy

Posted by Alyssa Martin on  November 7, 2017

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Saving Energy – Everyone likes having extra cash in their pockets, so why is the concept of energy efficiency often overlooked? Becoming fully energy efficient is something that must be completed by an energy professional by conducting an energy audit and implementing appropriate energy saving solutions to directly lower your electric costs. But, you can still be saving energy by consciously taking action in simple ways. 1. LED Lighting.  Upgrading to LED Lighting has become
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We are proud to announce the opening of our first franchise location! Jason & Lillian Beecham have completed the training program, have prepared their store, and are officially open for business. Jason & Lillian have shown the determination and passion needed to operate a vootu location. They are prepared to help organizations in their area reap the benefits of energy efficiency by cutting electric costs and reducing carbon footprints. We wish Jason & Lillian the
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If you are business owner or the persons responsible for paying a corporate electric bill, vootu can help you save money for years through energy efficiency! Vootu assists gyms, restaurants, cities, shops, warehouses, condos, dealerships, hospitals, schools, factories & more save energy and money. Any commercial location that has an electric bill can be saving money with vootu! We have developed a proven method for lowering any organization’s energy bill up to 40% without any excess