Energy Efficiency Programs
Everyone has heard the rumor that installing solar panels will dramatically reduce your energy bill. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. Many people spend an immense amount of money on solar panels and believe just plugging them in is the only action needed. The truth is, to get the most out of solar panels, one needs to remove the existing energy waste before transitioning to renewable energy (solar & wind). The process of saving energy is
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As many know, Florida is one of the hottest states in the country. The heat lasts all year round in Florida, which makes the need for air conditioning a must! The costs associated with cooling your business can be hefty, especially in the summer, and the prices energy companies charge are only going to continuously rise. As stated in The Tampa Bay Times, an article referring to the energy suppliers price increase states “commercial and industrial customers
Reduce Energy Bill
If today’s leading car manufacturers compete for higher efficiencies and improved safety standards in their vehicles, then why are their dealerships failing to keep up with the times? Modern cars adopt LED lighting, energy recovery braking systems, etc., yet dealerships operate with outdated inefficient technologies that burden their profitability and hold back sales! Vootu has the perfect range of retrofit solutions to restore those vintage buildings into energy efficient showrooms. Dealerships should be utilizing lighting
Energy waste is a term used to define technologies that are absorbing more power than needed to run. It happens all around us, but we are blind to it because energy is invisible. On average, commercial locations utilize only 70% of the energy they are paying for, the rest is considered waste. Energy waste can be compared to having a water leak, if there is a water leak; a plumber would be called to have
energy monitoring equipment
Energy Monitoring Equipment has revolutionized the way that people understand, track and consume electricity. The energy bill is a huge part of a business’s operating expenses. If you could reduce your location’s energy bill up to 40%, would you? Reducing a business’s energy bill can only begin by installing Energy Monitoring Equipment. You simply can’t manage what you can’t measure! Can you imagine driving your car without a dashboard? How would you know how fast