Why Work with vootu?

vootu  specializes in and provides Electricity Cost Reduction as a comprehensive service for all businesses. Our  energy saving programs continue to deliver significant annual electricity savings for our clients. We create unique budget neutral energy saving programs guaranteed to achieve 20% or higher reductions in your annual electricity consumption.

Vootu will diligently analyze all energy data and then customize our Energy Management services for each clients facility. We identify, analyze and quantify all currently unnecessary energy waste. Vootu focus on optimizing your existing electrical systems, to be confident that all energy waste has been eliminated. Vootu’s range of advanced smart technologies will optimize the performance and improve the efficiency of all your existing equipment, reduce  your expenditure and improve operations. Vootu also guarantee never to increase your budgets, by using only the savings to fund your energy saving program. That’s a smarter way to go green and demonstrate your commitment to a cleaner environment.

Your future for lower energy costs begins with conservation and efficiency, only with vootu “the energy saving group”

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Vootu Energy Management
Vootu Energy Mgt

Why chose vootu?

Experience, with over a decade of verifiable and  successful Energy Management Services across the U.S.A.  Vootu’s reputation for delivering industry best electricity cost reduction, has long since been established. Proven success based on our extensive abilities to optimize the performance in all areas of inefficiency and  energy waste.

Vootu’s guaranteed 20% minimum energy reductions, sets us apart. vootu technology optimizes the performance of every electrical system you have, no other company focuses on and eliminates the entire problem of electricity waste. Why?

Vootu’s services have been utilized across every industry and geographic region with consistent energy savings being achieved for all. Electricity powers all of our lives and buildings, inevitably the electrical system and equipment we rely upon has inherent inefficiencies in all of their designs.

You always have a choice– either stay as you are and continue to needlessly  waste energy and overspend, harm our environment  and increase the electric companies’ profits, or make a smart decision and call Vootu for a FREE ENERGY SAVING ANALYSIS  and find out how much vootu can SAVE YOU!

Lower your operating costs, achieve your sustainability goals, improve operational performance and increase your profits with vootu.

Energy Management by vootu

As with everything, to be effective at electricity cost reduction, you need data! Unfortunately today most businesses rely on their monthly electric bill as an indicator of their energy performance, often times the Facility Director never receives a copy of the  monthly electric bill and is unaware of rising electricity consumption and costs.

Effective Energy management requires a significantly higher level of visibility of energy usage than a monthly electric bill provides. vootu’s cutting edge E-TRAQ Energy Management System provides the ultimate in data visibility. Your building has untold opportunities to save money but you’ll never understand what this value is until you gain insight/visibility. You can’t manage what you can’t measure is certainly a true statement and with E-TRAQ installed you will be measuring and monitoring every electrical parameter, in real time! No more waiting to the end of each month, to find out how much you have used!

With real time electricity data, you will instantly recognize any unusual electricity patterns, as they occur. E-TRAQ alarms you when power quality negatively impacts your equipment performance and costs. In addition you will  see when possible equipment failure is starting to happen. With this level of real time Energy Management you can drive down costs, verify all action taken has been effective and police future electricity consumption, allowing you to remain as efficient as possible at all times.

Effective Energy Management start with E-TRAQ, imagine the benefits of seeing in real time how you consume electricity. Having a tool this powerful, and with the help and support of the vootu’s team of energy consultants guarantees all electrical waste will be identified and eliminated. Your future for guaranteed electricity cost reduction starts with E-TRAQ!

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