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Vootu Inc. is based out of Clearwater, Florida ever since its inception back in 2010. Originally from the U.K, founder, and CEO, Dave Watson relocated his family in 2004 to live in the USA. He soon recognized a noticeable lack of awareness regarding technologies commonly found in European buildings that optimized energy use, leading to increased energy efficiency and lower operating costs. The desire to help organizations better manage their energy use and ultimately achieve significant electricity cost reduction has always been the driving force behind vootu’ s innovative approach to solving complex energy waste. Over 30% of energy use can be eliminated, saving your company significant amounts of money, both today and in the future.

Dave Watson’s background in architecture, development, and electrical engineering combined with his passion for energy conservation continues to drive the evolution of Vootu. Dave has created and introduced many energy-saving technologies and methodologies to the American marketplace. His drive and in-depth knowledge aided in his vision to create an energy management company with one purpose; Offer a complete solution for eliminating every aspect of electricity waste. Vootu is that solution.

For more than a decade Vootu has continued to evolve and proudly developed many proprietary energy-saving technologies. Always designed and engineered in the USA, to fulfill the need to remove all energy waste. Today we guarantee our integrated energy-saving solutions to reduce your total electricity usage by a very minimum of 20% annually.

Every company and organization must examine its energy usage and achieve energy savings whenever possible. One of the few certainties is that tomorrow’s energy costs will only continue to increase. When you think about saving money, start to think about your energy expenses and contact Vootu for new ideas on electricity cost reduction.

“Investing in energy efficiency can be more profitable than the stock market” Lindsay Audin, Columbia University

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E-TRAQ has proved to be invaluable and recovered its initial cost within a few weeks of being installed.

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What makes Vootu Energy Management the BEST?

It is our “proven process” that sets vootu apart. Our approach consistently identifies those hard-to-find areas of energy waste and all equipment inefficiencies that other companies overlook.

Combined these do create higher energy costs and increase maintenance time.

30% of your electricity is wasted, but where?

The key to unlocking a solution to remedy energy waste lies in having visibility. You simply cannot manage what you cannot measure.

By measuring energy use in real-time, any waste will be exposed. Hard to find inefficiencies easily identified.

“Energy data speaks for itself” By reviewing yesterday’s energy data allows for tomorrow’s energy costs to be lowered.


Trust the data, apply the changes and see the savings.

Progress only moves at the speed of trust – You can trust Vootu energy data.

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