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Vootu Inc. based in Clearwater Florida from its inception back in 2010, when Dave Watson decided someone had to help fix the invisible energy problem that everyone suffers from.

Originally from the U.K Dave relocated his family in 2004 to the USA, he quickly identified the need to help organizations and business owners conserve electricity and improve their bottom line in the process.

Having a professional background in Architecture and development and a deep rooted passion for energy conservation, Dave observed many opportunities to introduce energy saving technologies widely available in Europe, yet sadly missing in the American marketplace.

With his drive and knowledge of building energy performance, Dave embarked on his vision of creating an Energy management company with one purpose, to offer a complete energy saving solution. One that eliminated every aspect of electricity waste. At that time and still today Dave believes no other company provides what vootu consistently delivers.

Over the past decade vootu has evolved and developed several proprietary energy saving technologies, choosing to engineer their own solutions that fulfilled the needs of eliminating energy waste. The result being, today vootu offer integrated energy saving solutions that reduce total electricity usage by up to 30% for School Districts, National franchise chains, Hotels, Churches and many  other different organizations nationwide.

Vootu have worked within every industry sector, always delivering the same consistently high energy savings for all. We never deviate from our proven methodology of analyze, improve, then move on!

Dave still believes more than ever that every company and organization has a moral obligation to examine its energy usage and achieve savings where possible. Vootu are always ready to help those who understand that one of the few absolute certainties is that tomorrow’s energy costs will only continue to rise.

Vootu guarantees what other companies only promise, we never place you at any risk of failing to meet your energy saving goals.

“Investing in energy efficiency can be more profitable than the stock market” Lindsay Audin, Columbia University

“Investing in Energy efficiency unlike the stock market, is risk free” Dave Watson, Vootu Inc.

When you start to think about saving energy, think about VOOTU The Energy Saving Group. Our motives will never change, no good ever comes from wasting energy!

Vootu can takes you from wasteful to efficient and ultimately to using renewable energy sources, the sky really is the limit when working with vootu.

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E-TRAQ has proved to be invaluable and recovered its initial cost within a few weeks of being installed.

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Why vootu?

Experience counts! and with over a decade of verifiable and successful Energy Management Services across the U.S.A.  Vootu’s reputation for delivering industry best electricity cost reduction, has long since been established. Data driven success, based on our extensive abilities to optimize the performance of equipment in all areas where inefficiency and energy waste hide. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and if you’re not monitoring energy usage in real time, you have no control over costs todayor tomorrow!

Vootu’s guaranteed 20% minimum energy reductions, sets us apart. vootu technology optimizes the performance of every electrical system you have, no other company focuses on and eliminates the entire problem of electricity waste. Why? that’s simple, they sell products, we engineer custom solutions backed by guaranteed performance.

Vootu’s  unique services have been utilized within almost every industry and geographic region across the USA, with consistent energy savings being achieved for all. Electricity powers and enhances all of our lives, inevitably the electrical system and equipment we rely upon have inherent waste/ inefficiencies in all of their designs. Let vootu identify and eliminate those inefficiencies for good!

Make the smart decision and call Vootu for a FREE ENERGY SAVING ANALYSIS  Find out how much vootu can SAVE YOU!

Lower your operating costs, achieve your sustainability goals, improve operational performance and increase your profits  all with vootu!

Energy Management by vootu

To be effective at electricity cost reduction, you need energy data! Unfortunately today most businesses choose to rely on their monthly electric bill, as the only indicator tracking their current energy performance.

Effective Energy management requires a deeper and more frequent insight into both usage patterns and electrical values, than any monthly electric bill could ever provide. vootu’s cutting edge E-TRAQ Energy Monitoring System, provides the ultimate in real time electricity data visibility. Your building has untold  hidden opportunities available to reduce energy costs ,but you’ll never be aware of or understand these, until you gain real time visibility. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, this is certainly very true when it comes to invisible electricity. Having E-TRAQ installed in your building you will be measuring and monitoring every electrical parameter, in real time! No more waiting to the end of each month, to find out how much you have used or wasted!

E-TRAQ is your full time Energy Manager.

With real time electricity data, you will instantly recognize any unusual electricity  usage patterns,  begin to understand what, when and how much energy is being used. E-TRAQ alarms you when power quality negatively impacts your equipment performance and ultimately drives up costs. In addition you will  see when possible equipment failure are starting to happen. With this level of real time Energy Monitoring, you can quickly start to drive down energy costs, verify that all action taken has been effective and police all future electricity consumption, allowing you to remain as efficient as possible at all times.

Effective Electricity cost reduction begins by installing E-TRAQ, imagine the benefits of seeing in real time how you consume electricity. Having a tool this powerful, combined with the experienced help and support of the vootu’s team of energy consultants, guarantees all electrical waste can be identified and hopefully eliminated. Your future for guaranteed electricity cost reduction starts with E-TRAQ! The only tool proven to track every electrical value in real time.

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