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Vootu Inc. has been based out of Clearwater, Florida since our inception back in 2010.  Originally from the U.K, Dave Watson relocated his family in 2004 to live in the USA. He soon identified a noticeable lack of awareness of technologies commonly found in European buildings that optimized the performance of their building systems, leading to increased energy efficiency. The need to help organizations manage their energy use and ultimately achieve significant electricity cost reduction, has always been the driving force behind vootu’ s innovative approach to solving complex energy waste.. Over 20% of energy use can be eliminated, saving your company significant amounts of money, both today and in the future..

Dave Watson has a background in architecture, development, and electrical engineering plus a passion for energy conservation. Dave has created and introduced many energy-saving technologies and methodologies to the American marketplace. His drive and in-depth knowledge aided in his vision to create an energy management company with one purpose; Offer a complete solution of eliminating every aspect of electricity waste. Vootu is that solution.

For more than a decade Vootu has continued to evolve and has proudly developed many proprietary energy-saving technologies. We design and engineer our own solutions in the USA to fulfill the needs of eliminating all energy waste. Today we guarantee integrated energy-saving solutions that will reduce your total electricity usage a very minimum of 20%.

Vootu has worked with every industry and has delivered consistently high energy savings to all our clients. We use a proven approach of installing proprietary systems to monitor energy usage and then eliminate all the waste using a budget-neutral plan of action.

Every company and organization has a duty to examine its energy usage and achieve energy savings whenever possible. One of the few certainties is that tomorrow’s energy costs will only continue to rise. When you start to think about saving money, think about Vootu.

Vootu guarantees we never place you at any risk of failing to achieve your energy saving goals. We will save your company 20% or more off your energy bills or we will pay the difference.

“Investing in energy efficiency can be more profitable than the stock market” Lindsay Audin, Columbia University

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E-TRAQ has proved to be invaluable and recovered its initial cost within a few weeks of being installed.

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Why choose Vootu?

We have over a decade of verifiable and successful energy management services across the USA. Vootu’s reputation for delivering the industry’s best electricity cost reduction has long been established. We use data to drive success, and to accurately optimize the performance of equipment where energy waste hide. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. If you’re not monitoring energy usage in real-time, you have no control over costs either today or tomorrow!

Vootu’s guaranteed 20% minimum energy reductions sets us apart. Proprietary technology will optimize the performance of every electrical system you have. Vootu engineers custom solutions backed by guaranteed performance.

Our unique services have been utilized within almost every industry and geographic region across the USA. Allow us to install an E-TRAQ energy monitor in your building to begin tracing the energy you are wasting. All of our electricians are state licensed and thoroughly trained. Through successful management of energy we will free up more revenue for your budget.


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Energy Management by Vootu

To be effective at electricity cost reduction you need in depth energy use data. Today most businesses choose to rely on their monthly electric bill to track their current energy costs. Effective energy management requires insight into both usage patterns and electrical values. Vootu’s cutting edge E-TRAQ energy monitoring system provides the ultimate in real-time electricity data visibility. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. E-TRAQ measures and monitors every electrical parameter in real-time.

With this data you will instantly recognize any unusual electricity usage patterns. You are instantly notified when power quality negatively impacts your equipment performance. This will keep costs at a minimum. In addition you will see when possible equipment failures are starting to happen. Monitoring electricity consumption allows you to remain as efficient as possible saving you the maximum amount  of time and money on your budget.

Having a tool this powerful combined with the experienced help and support of the Vootu’s team of energy consultants’ guarantees all electrical waste can be identified and eliminated. We guarantee that we will reduce your electricity bill by 20% using our proprietary technology and methodology.

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