Energy Saving Services

The problem with electricity costs are simple, you’re never informed of how much energy you waste, or how much that continues to costs!

You need Vootu’s Energy saving Services to finally start paying for only what you need, let vootu build an energy saving program guaranteed to eliminate all of your energy waste/inefficiencies, without increasing your current budget.

  • If nothing changes you will continue to overspend by 30%
  • The opportunities you can see today, are only the tip of this iceberg! Most energy saving opportunities remain hidden from view.
  • Energy saving should always be driven by verifiable data, first analyze everything, then create an action plan to reign in all needless expenditure.
  • Optimizing the performance of  your existing equipment is vootu’s specialty ….Using less energy to do the same amount of work!

There’s now a better way available, one guaranteed to improve all energy usage and lower your costs. A program built for everyone’s benefit, “Vootu Energy Saving Services

  • Let vootu solve the long standing energy over expenditure problem, you never really knew you had until now.
  • We only ever optimize the performance of your existing electrical systems and equipment, this approach will solve the entire problem with the lowest investment costs.
  • Contact  a Vootu Certified Energy Consultant Today….Paying for only what you need is our goal and certainly makes the most sense.
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With Vootu you have a strategic partner that is vested in your company’s  future energy cost & savings going forward.

Guaranteed reduction in electricity usage: 20% going forward. Always  going to be budget neutral. With 2 year projected R.O.I’s

Vootu Energy Mgt

Energy Monitoring System – E-TRAQ


“You can’t manage what you can’t measure!”

vootu’s Energy Saving Services  rely on verifiable energy data to identify all opportunities to improve energy performance. With our proprietary Energy Monitoring system (E-TRAQ) installed, this provides the necessary visibility to eliminate any guesswork, creating a foundation for future success. Without complete visibility of all your energy usage, you have no control over either current or future energy costs! Demystify all of your electricity usage by gaining insight into every electrical value and a detailed picture of your consumption profiles. E-TRAQ allows you to:

  • Identify ALL electrical faults within your facility
  • Perform a health check on essential power quality (grid power) Voltage peaks and sags, Active power, reactive power, apparent power, phase balance, Harmonic distortion, Power factor on all three phases, Demand profiles etc.
  • Verify your monthly electricity bills accuracy
  • Confirm in real time vootu’s energy saving solutions performance and savings.
  • Police all future energy usage to remain energy efficient at all times
  • Real time energy management puts you in control of your energy usage.
  • Stay informed in real time, all the time
  • Unlock the hidden potential for energy savings by gaining full visibility of electricity usage in real time.
  • Spot potential equipment failure before it’s too late!

Air Conditioning – i-Cool   

“Staying cool can be much more affordable.”

Vootu’s proprietary i-Cool energy saving technology, optimizes air conditioning system efficiency by at least 20% without affecting cooling comfort. “Remove the wasted energy by adding vootu intelligence.” vootu’s i-cool intelligent control has proven consistently successful for over a decade on over 3000 installations throughout the USA and worldwide, delivering consistently 20% or greater energy savings on all system sizes ranging from 5 Ton – 50 Ton, single or multi-stage compressor, all are optimized for energy efficiency with i-cool installed.

  • Optimize A/C performance by adding vootu intelligent controls that improve efficiency in compressor cycles and run times.
  • Powered by 24 VAC and located inside the air handler.
  • Integrates into any size system with consistent savings, tune-able for system size, performance and age.
  • Transportable to a new unit or location when the time comes
  • Returns on Investment always  under one year. We are the original creator, manufacturer and only distributor of i-cool.
  •  Easily and quickly installed in around an hour and will not invalidate your manufacturers warranty.
  • Extends your system life and optimizes performance for lower cooling costs.
vootu energy mgt group
vootu energy mgt group

Refrigeration – E -CUBE

“Storing your produce should not be so costly.” 

vootus  unique range of refrigeration energy saving technologies, easily achieve >50%  overall energy reductions,  all without negatively affecting critical temperatures. Energy waste occurs due primarily to the inherent waste  created in all refrigeration component designs. Save electricity use and prolong useful produce shelf life. It’s time to use less energy to store your food products for longer, optimize refrigeration systems to use less energy and maintain a more stable temperature using vootus proven range of energy saving technologies. Both refrigeration and freezer units waste energy, let vootu optimize their efficiency in all areas from compressor to evaporator  motors, energy waste is eliminated.

  • Proven retrofit technology, optimizing compressor usage, evaporator motors and improved food safety, by switching to food temperature monitoring, eliminating outdated air temperature sensing.
  •  Significantly reduces maintenance cost and frequency
  • Accurately records food temperatures and creates seamless audits for health department compliance
  • Suitable for all walk in refrigerators and freezers
  • Solutions for on any size unit

Motors V-MEC

“Operating all machinery driven by electric motors will  now be less  expensive.”   

vootu’s range of both single and three phase intelligent motor controls achieve significant energy savings, between 15 – 25% depending on their applications. Whether fixed or variable speed applications, vootu’s V-MEC technology combines both digital soft start functions and integrated energy recovery technology to deliver maximum energy savings and prolong motor life through lower case temperatures resulting from improved efficiency. Digital soft starts reduce the high inrush current normally associated with any across the line starting process. By slowly ramping the motor to full speed over just a few seconds, significant energy reduction are achieved and less strain placed on the drive train. Once fully operational, our energy recovery technology senses the load on the motor at all times, reacting within a thousandth of a second to any load changes. These result is a motor running quieter, cooler and efficiently, yet still on top of the job required to be done. Intelligence is the ability to react to change, vootu motor controls do exactly that!

  • Both single & three phase applications 1HP – 500HP
  • 120V, 208V, 230V, 277V and 480V solutions
  • Reduce your demand costs using soft start functions
  • Extend Motor operating life by lowering case temperatures
  • Reduces drive train and mechanical stress at start up
  • Easy retrofit solution (line in line out)
  • Optimizes compressors, pumps, fans, crushers, conveyors etc.
  • Proven and reliable technology, predictable savings, improved machinery reliability and less breakdowns
Energy Saving Services
Do LED Lights Save Energy

LED Lighting – Eco Light

“Let there be efficient light… without the burden of a high cost of ownership!”     

vootu’s range of high efficiency LED lighting solutions are another part of our Energy Saving Services. As a trusted manufacturer of commercial grade high efficiency LED lighting solutions, few other companies can compete with our extensive lighting knowledge and  comprehensive range of lighting solutions. Vootu LED represent industry best value, with well over a decade of proven reliability, vootu pioneered LED lighting back in 2010 when this technology first started to emerge. Achieve 50-90% electricity savings with technology designed to last five times longer than current legacy lighting. LED provides improved lighting quality with the confidence you are working directly with the manufacturer, no middle men, no re-sellers, simply the best LED available today. vootu have long been an innovator of high quality LED lighting products, choosing to invest in our own trusted brand and provide our clients with only the best technology. You can always buy less expensive LED’s but you can’t buy better value, more reliable or higher quality, enhanced by our in depth lighting  knowledge and experience. CAUTION ALL LED’S ARE NOT ENGINEERED TO THE SAME HIGH STANNDARDS AS VOOTU LED!

  • All Internal & External solutions designed and engineered by vootu
  • Both retrofit & new fixture options, with industry best reliability and performance. 150lm/w CRI>85, Dimmable, Integrated surge protection.
  • Highest quality components combined with a decade of experience focused on performance, reliability and best value
  • L70 values that exceed 50,000 hrs and as high as 100,000 hrs.
  • UL, ETL, Energy star and DLC listings
  • No toxic chemicals or infrared or Ultra violet light
  • Low junction temperatures deliver maximum longevity (thermal management at its best)
  • Reduced eye fatigue 250HZ, no more migraines
  • No maintenance, eliminate all ballast and frequent lamp replacement
  • Industry best warranty (proven to exceed our standard 5 year warranty)
  • FAST ROI’s, Industry best pricing on the industries largest range
  • Commercial grade LED for commercial properties, designed for purpose.

Is YOUR Business optimized in ALL of these critical areas?

Working with vootu Energy Saving Services guarantees a RISK FREE approach to saving energy.

Let us show you how.