Energy Saving Services

The problem with electricity bills never changes! It tells you very little and only shows the total amount of energy consumed, 30 days after the fact, and also how much you owe! You remain unaware of how much energy you actually waste and at what cost! In fact, you have no way of even verifying this information. You need greater insight into how electricity is used before you can effectively start to save energy.

You can only save energy that is being wasted. Vootu’s energy-saving services solve this expensive problem permanently. we expose all aspects of energy waste and calculate those unnecessary costs before taking action. Finally, you start paying for only what you need. Let Vootu analyze and engineer your custom energy-saving solution today. Guaranteed to eliminate all energy-waste, without increasing your current electricity budget.

  • If nothing changes, you will continue to overspend by at least 30% annually. With rising electricity costs, energy waste is a perfect target for cost savings.
  • Optimizing the performance of your existing equipment eliminates energy waste and extends its service life, fewer breakdowns are a bonus!
  • Using less energy to do the same amount of work at a lower expense makes the most sense.

Today there is a brighter energy future ahead. Start your journey toward carbon neutrality, it pays to be Energy Efficient. Vootu optimizes all critical energy usage without any expensive equipment replacement.

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With Vootu you have a strategic partner that is vested in your company’s energy future.

We guarantee a 20% or greater reduction in annual energy usage budget-neutral with Returns on Investment in under 3 years.

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Energy Monitoring System – E-TRAQ


“You can’t manage what you can’t measure!”

With so many pieces of equipment consuming electricity, it’s impossible to understand where all of the energy waste takes place. Today, vootu technology allows us to track all energy data in real time. This approach eliminates any risk and guesswork.


Vootu’s energy-saving success is built on verifiable energy data, this method precisely locates all opportunities to conserve energy and control your energy costs. Our proprietary E-TRAQ energy monitoring system provides energy measurements in real-time displaying your complete energy profile and electrical system health. Cloud-based energy management software lets Vootu analyze and spot power quality issues that harm both equipment and expenses. Finally, demystify your electricity bills and gain a deeper understanding of how electricity is being utilized throughout your facility. Being able to spot energy waste and inefficiencies as it happens, can only be done with E-TRAQ. Leveraging the analytic data will reveal further opportunities to improve energy performance, leading to enhanced savings. Becoming energy efficient is the fastest way of lowering your expenses and carbon footprint. Step 1 is a proven foundation for building a successful energy reduction program, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

  • Identify any electrical faults within your facility
  • Perform a health check on essential power quality provided by the grid
  • Verify your monthly electricity bills accuracy
  • Observe electricity usage to remain energy efficient at all times
  • Real-time energy management puts you in control of energy costs
  • Find wasted energy patterns allowing you to save money
  • Spot potential equipment failures before they happen

Air Conditioning – i-Cool 


“Staying cool made more affordable.” Vootu’s proprietary i-Cool energy-saving technology optimizes your air conditioning systems compressor usage and improves system efficiency by at least 20%, often higher. Remove the wasted energy costs by retrofitting vootu intelligence. I-Cool has proven itself with over 5000 installations worldwide. Consistently producing impressive energy savings on one of the largest consumers of energy and never compromising cooling comfort. I-Cool works with all DX systems regardless of their size, optimizing efficiency and delivering annual energy savings of 20% or greater. I-COOL provides one of the fastest returns on investment and will continue to produce financial savings for many years to come.

  • Optimize performance by integrating Vootu intelligent controls
  • Improve efficiency in compressor cycles and decrease run times
  • Powered by a 24 VAC located inside the air handler
  • Integrates into any size system
  • Transferable to a new unit or location
  • Returns on investment are under one year
  • We are the original creator, manufacturer, and only distributor of i-Cool
  • It will not void your manufacturer’s warranty
  • Extends the life of your AC system
vootu energy mgt group
vootu energy mgt group

Refrigeration – E -CUBE

” Cold Storing your product should not be so costly.” 


Vootu’s unique range of refrigeration energy-saving technologies achieves an impressive 50% combined energy reduction. Critical temperatures are never affected. Energy waste is eliminated in each of the refrigeration units’ inefficient components. Vootu will reduce electricity use and extend all product shelf life by stabilizing temperature fluctuations, harmful to food storage. Let Vootu optimize your refrigeration equi[pment in all those essential areas, from the compressor to evaporator motors, all energy waste can be eliminated.

  • Proven retrofit technology that works with any system
  • Improved food safety by using food temperature monitoring
  • Reduction in maintenance cost and frequency
  • Records food temperatures to create seamless audits for the health department
  • Saves electricity and money

Motors V-MEC

“Minimize your operating costs by optimizing motor efficiency.”   

STEP 2 – REDUCE Vootu’s advanced range of single and three-phase intelligent motor controls deliver impressive energy savings, of over 15%. Vootu’s V-MEC technology combines both digital soft-start functions with integrated energy recovery technology to maximize the efficiency of electric motors. This technology works with fixed and variable-speed motors. It also extends the motor working life through lower-case temperatures. V-MEC increases efficiency while reducing the amount of electricity needed based on established electrical principles first discovered in the early 1970’s by NASA scientist Frank Nola.

  • Works with single and three-phase motors
  • 120V, 208V, 230V, 277V and 480V solutions
  • Reduce your demand costs using soft start functions
  • Extend motor operating life by lowering case temperatures
  • Reduces drive train and mechanical stress at startup
  • Easy retrofit solutions to go with any setup
  • Optimizes electricity usage saving you money
  • Improves machinery reliability and reduces breakdowns
  • Quick return on investment
Energy Saving Services
Do LED Lights Save Energy

LED Lighting – Eco Light

“Let Vootu light your world efficiently!”   


Vootu’s energy-saving services include a large range of high-efficiency LED lighting solutions. Vootu is well known for their extensive range of commercial-grade LED lighting products and have a rich history as a pioneer of LED lighting solutions, reaching back to 2010 when this technology first started to emerge. Today it is possible to achieve a minimum of 50% electricity savings with technology designed to last five times longer than current legacy lighting. LED provides improved light quality, reducing eye fatigue, less heat produced, and no maintenance for many years to come. Vootu actively design/engineer and manufacture the best LED available today providing the best overall value. Only the highest quality components make it into Vootu LED lighting and we guarantee most of our lights for 5 years.

  • All LED lightings are designed and engineered by Vootu
  • Both retrofit & new fixture options
  • Integrated surge protection.
  • L70 values that exceed 50,000 hours
  • UL, ETL, Energy Star and DLC compliant
  • No toxic chemicals in any of our lighting
  • No infrared or ultra-violet light
  • Low junction temperatures deliver maximum longevity
  • Reduction in eye fatigue
  • No maintenance required
  • Industry-best warranty
  • Commercial grade LED with highest quality components

Renewable Clean Energy Solutions – VOOTU SOLAREfficiency First this leads to cost-effective Clean Energy Solutions. STEP 3 – ELIMINATE  – The third and final step in your journey to energy independence is ELIMINATE. Once all of the inefficiencies and wasteful practices have been identified and eliminated from your facility, it’s time to evaluate clean renewable energy production. Vootu Solar Solutions complete the integrated energy-saving solution. Knowing that 100% of the clean energy produced is being used effectively is the perfect way to integrate Solar Power. Eliminating energy waste first reduces the investment required in clean energy production. Faster paybacks and greater overall financial savings can only be achieved when you adopt our Control – Reduce – Eliminate approach. Anything less will include continued energy waste and higher expenses.

3 steps to lower energy usage

Is YOUR Business optimized in ALL of these critical areas?

Working with vootu Energy Saving Services guarantees a RISK FREE approach to saving energy.

Let us show you how.