There's a reason why your energy bills are so high..

Because 20-40% of your ENERGY USAGE everyday is WASTE.


Vootu enables all your energy usage into visual data

Data that can be managed & OPTIMIZED for GREATER EFFICIENCY.


Vootu Energy Management. = GUARANTEED SAVINGS

Electricity cost reduction, that's always budget neutral.


Optimize the one fixed cost with variables: ENERGY

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Vootu's cutting edge Energy Management system (E-TRAQ) demystifies your electricity usage and related energy expenses. E-TRAQ in real time Identifies and quantifies all key energy data, allowing you to regain control of your energy consumption. This deep insight into all electrical data will guarantee to expose every opportunity to reduce your electricity consumption and ultimately lower your costs. Eliminating unnecessary electricity waste, within all of your buildings electrical systems, that's Vootu's primary objective.

Greater visibility will lower your electricity costs in schools, businesses, churches, restaurants, office, warehousing, and more.

Energy Management with vootu follows our well proven methodology of exposing every opportunity to conserve and improve efficiencies across all electrical systems. Our process of analyzing all energy data, consistently identifies more opportunities that can result in overall electricity consumption being reduced by as much as 40%. Vootu continues to offer our industry best guaranteed 20% annual energy savings, based on over a decade of successfully exceeding our guaranteed minimum savings for every client who adopt our full energy saving program.

Vootu Energy Mgt Group for energy optimization
Increase your profits with Vootu Energy Management

Understanding Vootu Energy Management

We have all heard on many occasions the statement “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” This is absolutely true, but how do we go about capturing all of this vital energy data and what does it mean?

To be successful at saving energy, the most important step is to make energy use data visual in real time. Now you have exposed the problem!

Vootu’s real time energy monitoring system captures all the essential 42 electrical values and  key energy data points, then displays this in visually engaging software using charts and graphs that reveal a true picture of your energy profile, consumption variations and the all important power quality analysis. Easily accessible via our web portal you always have instant  access to view both real time and historic energy data for any location.  By comparing hourly, daily, week over week or month over month, on a single building or multiple buildings you have the  critical data to identify and understand where all energy saving opportunities exist.

To be successful at identifying and quantifying all opportunities that will lead to eliminate electricity waste, you need energy data. Vootu’s real time Energy Management system constantly tracks all energy data and produces insightful reports allowing you to finally manage what has previously been invisible, your usage and loads. Only with this level of granular visibility will your goals be finally achieved, eliminate all guesswork and invest in E-TRAQ. Your achievements will be verified and your future consumption capt at the lowest level possible, only ever pay for  what is needed and eliminate expensive energy waste.

Vootu’s Energy Management System (E-TRAQ) was designed and engineered to  capture all electrical values in real time making it possible to visualize energy waste, electrical faults and under performing equipment. Identify and understand where all the faults, trends and opportunities to reduce energy expense exist in your buildings all displayed in easy to understand graphs and charts. Some of the benefits that can be quickly identified are:

  • Power Quality
  • Abnormal trends
  • Unusual energy patterns
  • Out of hours consumption
  • Weekend and overnight activity
  • Verify your monthly electrical bill
  • Potential equipment failure (early warning)
  • Peak Demand causes
  • Power factor performance
  • Voltage sags and peaks
  • Amperage loads per phase
  • Phase imbalances
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Apparent power, reactive power and real power

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