There's good reasons why your electricity bills continue to rise...NEEDLESS ENERGY WASTE AND INEFFICIENCIES

30-40% of your ENERGY COSTS everyday are WASTED. You simply lack the visibility to see where those losses occur and the cost!


Reduce Your Electricity Costs 30%-40% BE RESPONSIBLE BECOME ENERGY EFFICIENT

Guaranteed performance 20% Minimum Annual Energy Savings.



Electricity cost reduction, that's always guaranteed budget neutral.



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Today more and more organizations and business owners are realizing the value and importance of becoming energy efficient, turning to vootu for help to solve this complex and expensive problem. Vootu are recognized as a leader and as a trusted provider of Energy Management Services. Energy waste needlessly increases your operating costs and also negatively impacts our environment. Verifiable data shows that almost all commercial buildings continue to waste at least 30% of their annual energy budgets, it’s time for that to change, becoming a responsible user of energy delivers lasting benefits for everyone.

Vootu’s Energy Management Services provide an opportunity for everyone to finally understand the true value of energy efficiency. Our proven programs are available for all facilities large and small. Energy waste plagues every business, no one remains immune from this invisible, yet expensive problem. Electricity is without question the driving force necessary in every business, yet energy waste continues to drive up your annual cost needlessly. Becoming Energy Efficient does not mean increasing your expenditure. Vootu offer attractive budget neutral energy saving programs, funded by the reduced costs of your new, lower electricity consumption. Energy efficiency always pays for itself, it's that simple. This easy pay as you go approach allows every business owner the opportunity to transition to energy efficiency in a budget neutral approach without any delay. Why not get started TODAY? Vootu’s in-depth knowledge, experience and proven expertise in the complex field of Energy Management has been well documented. Our reputation built on verifiable results and energy savings that are always guaranteed. Vootu are fluent in the language of energy, we take an holistic approach leaving no aspect of energy usage out of our analysis process. Vootu always delivers consistently high energy reductions, working within almost every industry, including but not limited to Restaurants, Hotels, School Districts, Hospitals, Churches and warehouses etc.. No one remains immune from the hidden costs of energy waste and inefficiencies. If it’s powered by electricity it’s certainly wasting electricity. Let vootu help you understand the full value of becoming energy efficient by analyzing all of your energy usage. Only then can we guarantee to eliminate at least 20% of your current energy usage. Failure to act today does come with a predictable future of continued rising energy bills, it's time to be progressive and work with vootu to lower your energy costs.

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Lower Energy Costs

What is Vootu Energy Management ?

Energy Management is a scientifically proven process of controlling and reducing a buildings energy consumption, to lower operating costs, improve  overall building performance and drive down future energy expenses predictably. Reducing electricity usage, also lowers your carbon footprint, positively impacting our environment, by helping combat global warming and the negative effects of climate change currently underway. Being energy efficient is being energy responsible and showcases your commitment towards a cleaner environment.

Energy Management combines both Energy Conservation and Energy efficiency measures to ultimately reduce energy usage and associated operating costs by eliminating all unnecessary energy use in every aspect of electricity consumption!

Vootu’s Standardized Assessment Procedure, involves the following steps:

  • Collect historic energy data to establish a true baseline and identify current energy usage trends.
  • Install E-TRAQ, vootu’s advanced real time energy monitoring system to collect and record all energy consumption and verify electrical system efficiency and performance.
  • Audit all opportunities to reduce energy consumption and develop a comprehensive energy saving program to eliminate all energy waste and inefficiencies.
  • Take action and systematically implement our recommendations contained in your unique energy saving program.
  • Track and verify all improvements are achieving your projected performance goals, using E-TRAQ for complete transparency and peace of mind.

E-TRAQ exposes all of  your once hidden energy waste, turning this into meaningful data and KPI’s that then becomes  actionable opportunities to save energy. Informed decisions  can now be made that are proven to improve energy efficiency and conserve energy resources. Understanding where your electricity budgets are going and knowing, where, what and when energy is being consumed or wasted, puts you in control of your future energy costs.

Vootu’s  leading Energy Management System (E-TRAQ) was purposefully designed and engineered to  capture all electrical data and values in real time making it possible to visualize all aspects of energy waste, identify electrical faults and spot under performing equipment. Having this level of insight and awareness of the once hidden wastage, will drive informed decisions to act and eliminate these expensive and unnecessary problems. Some of the benefits that can be quickly identified are:

  • Power Quality, Active Power, Apparent Power, Reactive Power
  • Abnormal usage trends
  • Unusual energy patterns
  •  High Out of hours consumption levels
  • Weekend and overnight activity abnormalities
  • Verify your monthly electricity bill (finally)
  •  Spot Potential equipment failure (early warning)
  • Peak Demand periods and causes
  • Power factor performance issues
  • Voltage sags and peaks
  • Amperage loads per phase / imbalances
  • Harmonic distortion, Voltage, Current THD
  • Daily consumption trends

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