There's a reason your utility bill is so high..

Because 20-40% of your POWER USAGE everyday is WASTE.


Vootu enables all your power usage into valuable data

Data that can be managed & OPTIMIZED for GREATER EFFICIENCY.



increase your bottom line with 20-40% of the utility bill savings.


Optimize the one fixed cost with variables: ENERGY

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What exactly is Energy Management.. energy efficiency?

Improving Energy Efficiency is a technical approach applying scientific principles.

However some aspects are undeniably highly specialized, the essential science should be familiar to most (perhaps dimly) from their school days and where legislation calls for the energy manager to be appropriately qualified. I read this to mean that a basic grasp of physics and chemistry would be expected. This section reviews some of the fundamental scientific concepts needed for the job, and other more specific topics are introduced in individual sections where they may be helpful.

Vootu Energy Management

Understanding Energy Management

We have all heard on many occasions the statement “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” This is true, but how do we go about capturing all of this information and what does it mean?

Real Time energy monitoring delivers accurate electrical data that can be viewed as the energy is being consumed, 24/7 + 365 giving you instant visibility of the energy profile at any given moment. This level of visibility is crucial to the success of any energy reduction program. Without an EMS educated guesswork has to be made. We would rather take the scientific route of accurately measuring all values rather than guess.

Vootus EMS was built to showcase only the electrical parameters necessary to identify and understand where all the faults, trends and opportunities to reduce energy expense exist. Some of the benefits that can be quickly identified are:

  • Power Quality
  • Trends
  • Unusual energy patterns
  • Out of hours consumption
  • Weekend anomalies
  • Verification of costs
  • Peak Demand
  • Power factor
  • Voltage variations
  • Amperage load per phase
  • Phase imbalances
  • Weather conditions

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