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E-TRAQ Delivers real time energy data - visibility that exposes all energy waste, inefficiencies and electrical anomalies.

"You can't ever manage what you can't measure"


Vootu Energy Management Services Provides the Complete Energy Saving Solution

Holistic Electricity cost reduction, that's always guaranteed budget neutral.



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Energy inefficiencies drive up annual energy expenses plus electricity prices continue to rise at a national average cost of 2.8% per year. Vootu will reduce your energy costs by a minimum of 20% guaranteed, in writing. Our mission for solving this dilemma relies on a proven scientific and data-driven energy analysis process. We use a two-step approach to fix the problem. Our proprietary E-TRAQ system evaluates areas of energy usage to precisely identify wasteful operations. Then waste is systematically eliminated within your facility using the data we have obtained. This verified process results in the lowest energy costs possible. Vootu provides budget-neutral energy saving programs that require minimal upfront capital investments. We simply use the dollars saved on energy costs to fund the program which will always results in savings. Reducing energy waste is simple. Call Vootu the energy management experts!

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What is Vootu Energy Management?

Energy Management is a scientifically proven process of controlling and reducing energy consumption. It lowers operating costs and improves long-term performance by driving down expenses. Reducing electricity usage lowers your carbon footprint and helps combat global warming. This showcases commitment towards a cleaner environment.

Vootu’s standardized assessment procedure involves the following steps:

  • Install E-TRAQ, Vootu’s proprietary real-time energy monitoring system, to collect and record all energy consumption over a 30 day period.
  • Verify your electrical systems efficiency, health, and performance while collecting data to establish a true baseline identifying current energy usage trends.
  • Information is then audited to show opportunities to reduce energy consumption and develop a comprehensive energy-saving program.
  • The action plan is systematically implemented using energy saving solutions developed using the data we have collected focusing on your individual needs.
  • E-TRAQ will continue to monitor the building to showing real-time energy usage giving you peace of mind knowing your business is running as efficiently as possible.

Our E-TRAQ system provides the necessary insight to expose all of your hidden energy waste. It turns this into meaningful data that highlights opportunities to save money. With Vootu energy management we guaranteed a minimum of 20% energy reduction resulting in additional money to invest into your business.

Vootu’s proprietary energy monitoring system, E-TRAQ, was designed and engineered to capture all electrical data and values. Real-time information is displayed making it possible to visualize all aspects of energy. It monitors usage, waste, power quality, electrical faults, and helps to spot under-performing equipment. Having this level of insight brings awareness to the once hidden cost of energy waste. Some of the benefits that can be quickly identified are:

  • Power Quality, Active Power, Apparent Power, Reactive Power
  • Abnormal usage trends
  • Unusual energy patterns
  • Consumption levels above normal
  • Weekend and overnight activity abnormalities
  • Verify your monthly electricity bill
  •  Spot potential equipment failure 
  • Peak demand periods and causes
  • Power factor performance issues
  • Voltage sags and peaks
  • Amperage loads per phase / imbalances
  • Harmonic distortion, Voltage, Current THD
  • Daily consumption trends

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