Vootu’s mission is Controlling electricity costs by Reducing energy consumption and Eliminating inefficient utility waste.

Vootu Energy Management’s approach is data driven, no guesswork. Today you have little to zero visibility of what equipment at your business uses energy or what their individual costs to operate are or their efficiencies.  What is absolute is the utility company will tabulate and charge you for every kilowatt possible. Saving you money is not in their interests.

The good news is you don’t have to rush out and upgrade any of your existing equipment. It’s true that equipment manufactured today will be more efficient than say 5 years ago, but often that large investment cannot be justified, given the small improvements in efficiency gained.

There is a better way. Working with Vootu, we optimize the equipment you currently have. We can improve almost anything that consumes electricity at a fraction of the expense of upgrading to newer equipment. We have an established and verifiable track record of successfully helping businesses in all industries identify energy waste and eliminate entire inefficiencies.

None of our achievements would be possible if we did not have visibility of the problem first. Every building has a different energy profile, so we can only assess how to resolve your energy consumption after we connect E-TRAK our real-time energy monitoring system. DATA is the undisputed truth behind the problem… if you can see it occurring, you can fix it. This may be equipment left on unnecessarily, equipment operating with faults, power quality issues, air-conditioning system programming errors, etc. The list of potential problems is extensive and without investigating them all, you still have the potential for overspending on electricity.

The most common mistake we find companies making is blindly upgrading to high efficiency LED lighting, which will only deliver maximum savings if a full electrical system analysis is done BEFORE upgrading and then AFTER to gain tangible and visible data on how this upgrade will affect your overall electrical system.

Data analysis to build a client energy profile of utility usage.
Hands on data analysis to build a client energy profile of utility usage.

What if the LED product(s) have a bad power factor or poor harmonic distortion values? You would never know this, although what you would see is lower than expected energy savings, leaving you disappointed in the outcome, the technology and the investment.

Working with Vootu eliminates all the risks. We follow a well proven methodology that delivers RESULTS. We GUARANTEE to reduce any client’s electricity consumption by 20% on an annual basis, and in most cases even higher. We strive to achieve a 2 year or less return on your investment. Once the investment has been recaptured, your energy savings will continue to increase for years to come as energy costs will surely continue to rise.

For a FREE no obligation consultation, please contact Vootu today at (727) 314 8656 and speak with one of our knowledgeable and Certified Energy Consultants, you will be surprised how much you can save and how easy vootu have made this process.


 There are two things you can never regain, TIME and MONEY SPENT. We can’t recover any past expenses, but we can put a stop to future electricity waste. The time for YOU TO ACT IS TODAY!

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Renewable Energy - Energy Saving Solar
April 6, 2018

Walk Before You Run!

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This may sound like a simple and well used phrase, but when it comes to renewable energy production, why do people start to run first?

My point is that renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, fuel cells etc. are all in themselves sustainable energy producers. Simply replacing or reducing the number of power stations with clean energy production is not the first or best step we all should be taking.

Energy conservation and efficiency measures deliver better investments and faster Returns on Investment, plus they make the most sense. If we waste between 25 – 40% of all the power today that’s produced, then look at how big that potential is if we all played our part and committed to an energy waste free world.

Realistically not everyone will participate, despite the very attractive financial benefits that come with conservation and efficiency improvements. Consider the impact if just 50% of people and businesses developed an energy reduction plan.

Saving energy is not a cost, you don’t even have to budget to take action, the savings created will if done correctly pay for the upgrades. Essentially, this opportunity becomes common sense and you will be kicking yourself for not implementing it sooner. You can be forgiven for not having realized this was an option, but never forgiven for continuing with the status quo!

To conclude removing the wasted energy first lessens the amount of solar PV, Wind turbines or fuel cells necessary to provide the power we need. 100% of the energy generated delivers useful work, ultimately the best approach to the energy problem we all face.

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LED Refrigerator Tubes

Store managers should know they need to replace traditional fluorescent lighting in their refrigerated display cases with LED tubes. Why? Because of the many LED light retrofit advantages:

  • Florescent bulbs create 90% heat and poor light quality. LED Refrigerator tubes use 70% less energy with minimal heat and produce a higher quality light.
  • LED lighting functions very well in cold temperatures.
  • Extremely low maintenance.
  • Reduction in disposal costs due to incredibly long lifespans.
  • No mercury or hazardous materials.
  • Enhances product appearance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Save energy at a reasonable cost

Simply put, it’s a no brainer. Less Energy = Minimial heat & lower energy costs. But are all LED refrigerated tubes the same? OF COURSE NOT!! 

At vootu we engineer and design our own commercial grade products to produce the best quality lighting at the lowest price. Call us today and speak to one of our highly knowledgeable LED consultants to help you make the switch to LED on your refrigerated display cases and freezers.

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Energy Management Plan vootu

An Energy Management Plan is being discussed around boardrooms everywhere. vootu is known as the “Energy Saving Group” because we specialize in Energy Management Plans. This includes both Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency measures.  Our unique services aim to eliminate all energy waste that currently exists in every facility by monitoring, targeting and reducing energy consumption.

You will probably be surprised to learn that most companies waste between 24-40% of the energy they purchase every month. This places them at a competitive disadvantage against other energy efficient competitors.

Implementing an Energy Reduction program delivers increased profits, demonstrates your commitment to a cleaner environment, provides enhanced employee production and is simply the “right decision to make”.

As your company budgets for 2018, make an Energy Management plan that will increase profits, reduce energy costs and put money back into the business. Call on vootu’s Energy Management Consultants with years of knowledge and experience to provide a customized Energy Management plan that puts you on top of your competition by lowering your electric bill. Make money saving energy!

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energy efficiency

Even the government is telling us to STOP PROCRASTINATING and adopt energy efficient practices and products. The cost of delaying energy inefficiencies could be extraordinary. On average, 30 cents of every dollar that organizations spend on energy use in commercial buildings is wasted. Since inception, ENERGY STAR has shown impressive results: in 2010 Americans and businesses saved nearly $18 billion on utility bills. How much money is your organization wasting? THE TIME TO CHANGE THE WAY WE POWER OUR LIVES IS NOW!

1. Make money saving energy

To achieve the best results with the absolute lowest investment cost, you need the help of Energy Management professionals such as vootu. We can walk you through the process, explain in simple terms how you benefit and how we build your unique Energy Reduction Action Plan to show you the value this will deliver. Organizations can realize up to 40% annual energy reductions all without trade-offs in performance or comfort. This means increasing profits while saving the earth’s vital resources for generations to come. Why choose vootu?

2. The value of energy efficiency

According to the International Energy Agency, “The world can expect energy prices to continue their generally upward spiral in the years ahead if energy policies remain the same.” If you consider that statement for a moment, you can instantly recognize the value of energy efficiency. And the good news is that energy efficiency remains the single most cost-effective way to cut energy use, if done correctly. Commercial buildings, industrial facilities and schools just to name a few gain comfort, health and safety benefits from energy efficiency programs while saving on the cost of utilities, maintenance and system costs.

3. Standard operation procedure

So what do healthcare organizations, major league sports teams, colleges and universities, small businesses and entire cities recognize about energy efficiency? That educating their employees about standard operating efficiency procedures can achieve enormous annual energy savings through better energy management.  This includes turning off lights, computers, monitors, printers and scanners when not needed.

4. Knowledge is power

According to the EPA, “Energy represents 30% of the variable costs and constitutes the single largest controllable operating cost.” Air conditioning, refrigeration, motors and LED Lighting can be optimized through Energy Monitoring Systems to achieve maximum savings.  The most crucial part in reducing energy waste is to bring visibility to the problems. vootu has developed our Real Time Energy Monitors to solve the problem. It is the essential tool to make saving energy easier and more accurate by making hard to fathom costs visible, bringing a new dimension and insight into a once very secretive commodity. There’s truth in the statement, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Once you have a clear picture of all the energy problems and inefficiencies within your facility, vootu has created our industry best range of energy saving technologies to optimize the main areas of inefficiencies. The main areas we focus our attention on are: power quality, lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and motor driven devices. HOW MANY OF THESE DO YOU HAVE?

5. Low-risk investment

If you think saving energy is an expense, think again. vootu can eliminate your risk by showing you how to create a self-funded solution. To create a successful no risk energy saving plan requires knowledge and expertise. vootu has decades of experience and a reputation for delivering exactly what we say… Put us to the test, we guarantee our savings!

“When it comes to improving your bottom line, energy efficiency is proven effective and brilliant in its simplicity.” -Energy Star

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