Global warming graph

Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide

Posted by David Watson on  April 15, 2021
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Category: Energy Efficiency
Electricity usage invariably leads to higher Electricity Costs, which in turn leads to increased global warming, which leads to Catastrophic Climate change, which then leads to disaster! This is not in any way an over exaggeration, but a reality of what we all face today, unless changes are made to the way we use electricity. The stage is currently set for DISASTER, the graph above clearly indicates, we are not going in the right direction.
Do LED Lights Save Energy

Do LED Lights Save Energy

Posted by David Watson on  March 24, 2021
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Do LED Lights save Energy, the simple answer is they use less electricity to produce visible lights (lumens) in short the answer is yes. As an example a traditional Edison style light bulb consuming 60 watts would produce around 800 lumens. This equates to an efficacy rating of 13 lumens per watt (lm/w) in contrast todays LED lamps still produce the required 800 lumens yet only use 9 watts of electricity giving them a much
Energy Awareness month

Energy Awareness Month

Posted by David Watson on  February 4, 2021
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Energy Awareness month should not be restricted to the month of October alone; it’s a topic that should be front and center in ever businesses daily operations. Energy bills arrive every month, not just October! Electricity costs are a part of everyone’s operating expenses and an item that’s typically not given much consideration for, yet budgeted for each year, based on historic usage and projected increases in costs. Continuing to go along with this process
how to save electricity bills

How to Save Electricity Bills

Posted by David Watson on  January 29, 2021
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How to save electricity bills is now becoming a much more common question. Most people appear to see energy savings as a relatively small opportunity with little financial benefits to be gained for the effort it takes. It’s my experience  that electricity saving opportunities are like icebergs, in so far as there are far more opportunities hidden below the surface than you can actually see or understand! To truly understand all the potential opportunities to

Knowledge is POWER

Posted by David Watson on  January 28, 2021
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It is said that knowledge is power! I believe that to be perfectly true, although no one has the ability to retain all knowledge, that’s why we each specialize in our preferred fields. When it comes to power in terms of energy, knowledge is certainly necessary to understand this complex field. Here at vootu our knowledge is our greatest power, in being able to understand the many ways in which power/energy can be unknowingly wasted