Energy management systems

Energy Management Systems

Posted by David Watson on  November 15, 2021
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Category: Energy Conservation
Energy management systems are modern technologies that provide a detailed real-time insight into your electricity usage. Energy management software converts all of this insightful data into meaningful charts and graphs. Creating, a picture of how electricity is being used and also currently wasted. You can only save the electricity that you waste and energy management systems pinpoint each wasteful event. Informed decisions, can then be made to take action and improve all future energy usage.


Posted by David Watson on  November 3, 2021
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Category: Energy Efficiency
Today world leaders agree that decarbonization is essential to combat the global warming crisis that we all face. Energy usage and our reliance on fossil fuels to produce the energy necessary to power our lives is at an all-time high. The most obvious way to reduce energy usage would be to focus on and eliminate energy waste. Electricity waste in commercial facilities is known to be 30% of total usage! Decarbonization starts by eliminating energy
Guaranteed Electricity Cost Reduction

Guaranteed Electricity Cost Reduction

Posted by David Watson on  October 21, 2021
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When it comes to guaranteed electricity cost reduction, you can only save energy that you waste. Conservation and efficiency measures implemented correctly will certainly solve the problem of energy waste. Understanding where all that energy waste is hiding becomes a more challenging problem. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. The solution that will allow you to understand your energy usage and identify energy waste is E-TRAQ, Vootu’s real-time energy monitoring system. Collecting energy data in
3 steps to lower energy usage

3 Steps to Lower Energy Costs

Posted by David Watson on  October 14, 2021
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3 steps to lower energy costs that are guaranteed to be effective and permanently reduce annual energy expenses. Energy efficiency is one of the faster ways to save your organization money. Energy conservation measures limit energy usage to only when needed and avoid unnecessary use. Renewable energy sources provide sustainable energy production. Combine all 3 steps to permanently lower energy costs using the vootu process of Control- Reduce-Eliminate. Following this proven and logical process, future energy
Carbon Neutral

Road Map to Carbon Neutral

Posted by David Watson on  October 7, 2021
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Everything you do that produces carbon dioxide makes up your carbon footprint.  Being “carbon neutral” means that you, or the operations of your business, emit the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that you offset by some other means. Adding renewable energy such as solar panels to your home or business, or switching to an electric vehicle are examples of things you can do to reduce your carbon dioxide output. Achieving carbon neutrality