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Energy Management Systems

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Energy management systems

Energy management systems are modern technologies that provide a detailed real-time insight into your electricity usage. Energy management software converts all of this insightful data into meaningful charts and graphs. Creating, a picture of how electricity is being used and also currently wasted. You can only save the electricity that you waste and energy management systems pinpoint each wasteful event. Informed decisions, can then be made to take action and improve all future energy usage.
Electricity is wasted not just by leaving equipment running unnecessarily but all by inefficiencies in that equipment. Take an electric motor as an example most are oversized for the task they perform. This in itself creates basic energy waste. This motor design also has some inherent inefficiencies, which can be identified by the power factor (Pf) rating of that motor. All induction motors have inefficiencies, but selecting a motor with a higher power factor, preferably one over .085 will deliver less energy waste.
Energy management systems are the missing tool essential for understanding all electricity usage and power quality issues within a facility. In addition to kilowatt-hour changes, commercial and industrial electricity users are charged for Peak demand. Usage rates for peak demand are charged in dollars, not cents as kilowatt-hours are charged. Energy management software will display precisely the peak demand level, providing insight into why this value is so high. Detailed analysis of phase loads can reveal opportunities to load shed and reduce peak demand charges. Peak demand is the highest level of electricity usage at any given time during the billing period. Peak demand can occur at any time and it will automatically go up and continue to record the highest level each month.
Reducing electricity usage becomes predictable once energy management systems collect and display electricity data. With this new awareness, informed decisions can always be made to change usage patterns that lower both peak demand costs and kilowatt-hour consumption.
Equipment that operates using electricity requires a stable power supply within the acceptable ranges to maintain efficiency. Knowing the power quality your utility company provides is part of the process of energy management. For instance, if a brownout occurs on a single-phase you might not immediately recognize this, but the equipment powered by that phase may be harmed. Its often stated that you can’t manage what you can’t measure and that’s why energy management systems are essential to the efficient usage of electricity and vital to controlling your electricity costs.
For those who wish to improve their usage of electricity and eliminate all energy waste from their operations. Energy management systems are the most cost-effective investments you can make. Guesswork will be eliminated once real-time electricity data is being collected and recorded for analysis. Potential equipment failures are often identified by the energy data collected, and all unusual energy patterns can be quickly investigated.
Electricity is a power source with many parameters, all of which need to be reviewed to identify problems that are driving up energy costs. Finally, you can verify your monthly electricity bill for accuracy and be assured you are paying for what you have used.
Energy management software displayed as a dashboard puts you in control of electricity usage. Automated scheduling of equipment often encounters faults and equipment such as HVAC runs needlessly when buildings are vacant. Energy dashboards reveal this out-of-hours usage allowing for corrective action to be taken and electricity saved.
Energy-saving upgrades and improvements can be verified in real-time. No more waiting for the next electricity bill to determine if your investments have created savings!
In today’s connected world accessing electricity data via the internet is made easy with energy management systems. Tracking your energy usage has never been so easy and recording your achievements on the road to a more sustainable energy future is priceless.
Justifying energy savings has always been hard, due in part to the delay in verifying the effectiveness of the action until the next bill arrives. Monitoring electricity usage using energy management software allows for immediate comparisons of electricity consumption, proving the changes you made achieved the predicted energy savings.
Commercial grade energy management systems such as E-TRAQ by Vootu Inc. provide a deep insight into all electricity data. Both single and three-phase equipment usage is recorded and utility power quality is captured in real-time. This granular level of energy data will expose each opportunity to reduce future electricity usage through effective conservation and efficiency upgrades.
Once all electricity waste has been identified and eliminated, energy management systems continue to monitor all usage patterns and send alarms when predetermined thresholds are exceeded. Without these systems, in place, you won’t find out if electricity waste is happening again.
Can energy management systems pay for themselves? No building remains immune from electricity waste, therefore to have any chance of exposing electricity waste you first have to capture the data to prove the problem exists. Most energy management systems will expose energy waste in places that would never normally be identified. After an initial 30-day data collection period, it’s common for these systems to have identified opportunities to reduce energy costs above the energy management systems investment.
To achieve the maximum benefit from these systems it’s best to have the data analyzed by those who understand the data being recorded. Energy consultants can decipher all this information and present a course of action based on the analyzed data. Building a road map to energy efficiency starts by having verifiable real-time energy data, anything less will prove to be less effective and continue to include energy waste in all future bills.
Realistic electricity cost reduction as high as 30% can be achievable when electricity usage becomes visible and in real-time. Before you invest in any technology claimed to reduce energy usage, you should put in place a tool to verify everything. Electricity is too expensive to waste and leads to increased CO2 emissions that currently increase global warming. Climate change is driven by energy waste, which is one of the faster ways to save your business money.
Becoming a responsible user of electricity is a financially sound move, avoiding the rising energy costs of powering electricity waste. For a future where energy waste does not negatively impact your energy budget. You must invest in an energy management system with real-time data visibility. You can’t manage what you can’t measure! Until you have E-TRAQ
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