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How much money could an energy monitor save you?

By March 24, 2022 No Comments
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How much money could an energy monitor save you?

An energy monitor alone can’t save you any energy – but it will make you aware of how much energy you are using and more importantly wasting. So it is a great tool to help you change your behavior and cut your electricity bills by turning off the things you were unaware of that increase your costs. With energy monitors, it becomes clearer what the true effects are of leaving multiple appliances on stand-by or having a change in circumstance such as people using certain spaces.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could find that your energy usage drops by 15% or more in the first year of using an energy monitor, which could be a very nice saving.

Vootu’s E-TRAQ energy monitor goes well beyond delivering awareness. Our 3-phase real-time energy monitor captures all electricity usage on all 3 phases. We monitor apparent power, active power, and reactive power! Phase balance is an important part of cutting energy costs, when was the last time you measured your phase loads/ imbalance? A simple and inexpensive rebalance of electrical loads will result in lasting and significant additional energy savings.

To eliminate all energy waste and ultimately save the maximum dollars possible all electrical values must first be recorded and analyzed.

Energy monitors today are very affordable and a necessity to be able to target and eliminate unwanted waste. You can’t manage what you can’t measure – let E-TRAQ provide the data and expose the many opportunities currently hidden within your facility to save on future energy costs. No one remains immune to energy waste or the high cost of inefficiencies. These problems will continue to drive up annual electricity budgets until they are singled out and then eliminated.

Today using technology such as E-TRAQ energy monitor it will make electricity cost reduction predictable and risk-free. Having real-time energy data available via any internet-connected device your energy awareness will soon drive positive change. Remove all guesswork relying on verifiable proof that all steps taken are delivering the projected savings. Any other approach is simply guesswork that will continue to waste large sums of money for years to come.

Vootu has a long history of providing the industry best energy-saving results. We can guarantee to reduce your energy consumption by 20% annually by adopting a unique scientific and holistic approach. First, we identify every aspect of energy waste and inefficiencies. We then justify the actions we recommend based on sound financial data. Currently, if you don’t have a real-time energy monitoring system installed, then you will be unaware of the size of the energy problems you fund. Let vootu help and bring complete visibility to this expensive problem. Next, we create your energy-saving program delivering financial benefits from what has historically been an ongoing loss.

Based on our experiences, using an energy monitor we can guarantee it will cost less to become energy efficient than it would should you avoid taking action. Budget-neutral energy-saving programs are available to all. No initial investment is necessary simply use the dollars saved to finance the costs of the energy-saving technology. With R.O.I’s less than three years, the sooner you commit, the faster you benefit and continue to save.

Contact vootu today to discuss the next step towards becoming energy efficient.  Contact us at 727 242 0008.