Energy Efficiency


By November 3, 2021 No Comments

Today world leaders agree that decarbonization is essential to combat the global warming crisis that we all face.
Energy usage and our reliance on fossil fuels to produce the energy necessary to power our lives is at an all-time high.
The most obvious way to reduce energy usage would be to focus on and eliminate energy waste. Electricity waste in commercial facilities is known to be 30% of total usage!
Decarbonization starts by eliminating energy waste and focusing on the efficient usage of energy.
One of the fastest ways to save money is to become energy efficient. These cost avoidance measures continue to produce savings well into the future.
Energy management is crucial to understanding the bigger picture. Knowing the cause of energy waste makes finding a solution risk-free.
As we migrate to more sustainable energy production energy efficiency becomes even more important. Both wind and solar power production cannot be guaranteed as a 24-hour energy source. Storing energy for use later incurs losses and a certain amount of waste.
Energy efficiency makes the most sense for everyone; this is the foundation upon which all future energy usage can be accurately predicted. Only when a facility is truly energy efficient will clean energy production be a wise investment. Decarbonization should be a goal for everyone, and this journey begins with committing to change the way you use energy.
To recap, decarbonization through energy efficiency measures produces both financial savings and positive environmental improvements. In contrast, the status quo continues to increase your energy expenses and harms our environment for future generations.
Vootu’s experience helping organizations transition to operating energy-efficient facilities has resulted in annual energy savings of 30% for most. In addition, our solutions can be implemented, without increasing your planned energy expenses.
How long will you continue to waste resources? The first step is efficiency first.
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