Energy waste is a term used to define technologies that are absorbing more power than needed to run. It happens all around us, but we are blind to it because energy is invisible. On average, commercial locations utilize only 70% of the energy they are paying for, the rest is considered waste. Energy waste can be compared to having a water leak, if there is a water leak; a plumber would be called to have
energy monitoring equipment
Energy Monitoring Equipment has revolutionized the way that people understand, track and consume electricity. The energy bill is a huge part of a business’s operating expenses. If you could reduce your location’s energy bill up to 40%, would you? Reducing a business’s energy bill can only begin by installing Energy Monitoring Equipment. You simply can’t manage what you can’t measure! Can you imagine driving your car without a dashboard? How would you know how fast
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Everyone is dictated by money. It controls the way we are able to live, and everyone is always looking for more. As a business owner, money is the definition between success and failure. If you were able to reduce your location’s operating expenses, would you do it? The reality is, commercial locations waste about 40% of the energy they are paying for. Wouldn’t you rather pocket that money as opposed to overpaying the electric companies?