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Everyone is dictated by money. It controls the way we are able to live, and everyone is always looking for more. As a business owner, money is the definition between success and failure. If you were able to reduce your location’s operating expenses, would you do it? The reality is, commercial locations waste about 40% of the energy they are paying for. Wouldn’t you rather pocket that money as opposed to overpaying the electric companies?  Vootu is a Florida based, energy management company that is dedicated to helping the Earth and saving people money. Vootu provides a range of services to be your one stop shop for energy savings. All actions completed by vootu result in eliminated energy waste, lower electric bills, and smaller carbon footprints. The founder of vootu has a comprehensive background in architecture and energy efficiency, which is why we create and use our own proprietary products when providing custom solutions for every client. Vootu’s products are certified and approved by Energy Star, DLC and UL listed. Clients such as Dominos, Taco Bell, Subway, Anytime Fitness, APEC,  Tampa General Hospital, FL School Districts and more express excellent customer satisfaction with vootu’s solutions. It is important now more than ever to take action and help the environment. Skeptics question how it’s possible to upgrade to green technology, yet receive an endless amount of savings. The truth is, it’s not magic, it’s science. Want vootu to help your business? Contact us to schedule a no obligation energy analysis!

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