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Energy Waste, how your business is paying for it

By March 28, 2017 No Comments

Energy waste is a term used to define technologies that are absorbing more power than needed to run. It happens all around us, but we are blind to it because energy is invisible. On average, commercial locations utilize only 70% of the energy they are paying for, the rest is considered waste. Energy waste can be compared to having a water leak, if there is a water leak; a plumber would be called to have it fixed immediately. If the water leak continued not only would you have a flood, but your water bill would be extremely high. For energy waste, it works the same way except that you can’t visibly see that it’s happening and it will continue to go on until solutions are implemented. It’s difficult to prove that something is happening, if there is no visual evidence for one to see. That’s why vootu created their Energy Monitoring System, and is your one stop shop when it comes to energy savings.

Installing Energy Monitoring Equipment is the first action taken by vootu when working with a new client. The equipment produces real-time recordable data presented in graphs to showcase which technologies are using the most energy, showing our professionals which actions/solutions need to be implemented. The utility companies continue to increase their prices about 3% each year, and will continue to do so for years to come. If a business takes action to reduce their energy waste with vootu, they can lower their utility bill up to 40% indefinitely. Although, taking action to reduce energy waste goes beyond just receiving a lower bill. The more energy a business consumes, the larger their carbon footprint is. The bigger the carbon footprint, the more greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are emitted which directly effects global warming.  As a population, we are quickly burning through fossil fuel which has a negative impact on our environment. The transition to alternate sustainable energy sources such as solar and wind is slowly increasing, but the people need to do their part to push this revolution. Being energy efficient is not a concept for the future; it is possible now and requires little effort. Businesses that don’t take action to eliminate their energy waste are overpaying and will continue to overpay.  Reducing your business’s energy bill and upgrading to green technology begins with just a simple phone call to vootu.