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Why you need Energy Monitoring Equipment

By March 13, 2017 No Comments
energy monitoring equipment

Energy Monitoring Equipment has revolutionized the way that people understand, track and consume electricity. The energy bill is a huge part of a business’s operating expenses. If you could reduce your location’s energy bill up to 40%, would you? Reducing a business’s energy bill can only begin by installing Energy Monitoring Equipment. You simply can’t manage what you can’t measure! Can you imagine driving your car without a dashboard? How would you know how fast you were going, when you’re going to run out of gas, or if the car needs service? Paying for electricity every single month without understanding how your business consumes power is like driving your car without a dashboard. You’re always going to have to pay for electricity; wouldn’t you rather be in control of these costs as opposed to naively paying a bill you can’t validate?  Vootu has created high-quality, extremely accurate Energy Monitoring Equipment that provides clear real-time recordable data of a location’s energy usage, giving you the control you need as a business owner. The EME is easy to use and understand, and is accessible online or as a mobile app. The convenience is unbeatable. Competitor equipment only tells you how much energy you are using, but by working with vootu we implement solutions along with the EME resulting in lower energy usage indefinitely. Installing EME is the first and most important step we take with all clients, because it exposes where the energy waste is coming from. The electric companies will never alert you of energy waste or how to gain control and lower your bill. Vootu helps you keep more money in your pocket opposed to overpaying the utility companies. We provide you with the tools needed to ensure that our actions are working, providing complete transparency of vootu and guaranteed energy reduction. Interested in Energy Monitoring Equipment and lowering your business’s utility bill? Contact vootu today!