Why Work with vootu

That’s simple, we are “The Energy saving Group” and we know from past experience with other clients you are over spending on your electricity costs due to inefficiencies and waste. This happens every single day, month after month, year after year. Alarmingly as much as 30% of your costs are wasted. The Vootu Team finds that unacceptable and continuing to ignore this fact is reckless!

Electricity cannot be seen, heard or smelt, so how do you know where the waste is? Vootu has both the experience and knowledge in the field of energy management to be able to create a robust energy reduction plan for your company that eliminates all of your energy waste without increasing what you have already budgeted to spend on electricity each year.

Find out today why we are so confident that we can guarantee all of our savings.

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Vootu Energy Management
Vootu Energy Mgt

Why chose vootu?

Again very simply, there are no other companies who address the entire problem of energy waste and eliminate so much with such little investment, that’s guaranteed to deliver a 2 year or less R.O.I

You have an energy waste problem and we have the entire solution, it makes no sense to leave any savings on the table, so let’s work together and eliminate all energy waste.

Step 1 – Gaining Control

The most important step everyone must take is to gain control and have visibility of how power is being used and wasted. Today you have NO idea what anything is costing, you put all your trust in the electric company who have installed a revenue grade meter, does this sound like it’s going to help you?

Vootu start by installing our real time E-Trak energy monitor to make visible every watt used, now you can see the real picture, spot the anomalies, identify the waste and verify your power quality as well as your monthly electricity consumption.

Step 2. – Understand the problem

 By conducting a thorough energy analysis of the entire facility we are able to evaluate all opportunities to reduce energy consumption, by optimizing the performance of existing equipment. Including: lighting systems, machinery, Air Conditioning units, refrigeration units, grid power etc.

Vootu creates the industry best energy reduction programs using our own commercial grade technology backed by our industry best guaranteed savings plan. Don’t take a risk with anyone else, work with vootu we eliminate your risk.

Step 3 – Eliminate all Energy waste

From our detailed energy analysis our clients see the value before they invest, now you have the confidence you are making a great decision without the risk. Each phase of the program is measured and verified through E-Trak, a completely transparent way of verifying our achievements in real time. Energy reduction is a process, one that is systematically implemented and goals achieved verified, any other way is simply GUESSING.

Don’t guess, work with vootu, the only company who guarantees their performance.

Step 4 – Guard against future energy costs

Utilizing our real time energy monitors (E-Trak) you can now rest assured your energy profile will remain as low as possible and should any future events take place that cause costs to rise, you will be notified immediately and be able to respond quickly to correct the situation.

Step 5 – Invest in Renewable Energy products

Once a facility is operating efficiently it now makes sense to investigate investment in renewable energy production. Now 100% of the energy produced will be converted into beneficial work, NO WASTE. That’s the vootu philosophy; work smarter, not harder.