The Business Process

  1. Take Action. Call to request a FREE Energy Analysis for your business.
  2. A vootu Energy Consultant will come to your location to further explain our service and gather the valuable information needed to create a proposal of your potential savings.
  3. Then, we present the proposal and go over the details of your custom energy efficiency plan. When the agreement is made, we go to work.
  4. We start by installing our Energy Monitoring System (V-EMS) on the electric panel, accessing full visibility and exposing all energy inefficiencies. V-EMS is easily accessible online, so you are never in the dark about how your business is using electricity again!
  5. Next, we implement the appropriate energy saving solutions. Our solutions significantly reduce equipment’s energy consumption resulting in lower electric bills. We target the main energy hogs of: lighting, HVAC, refrigeration & motors.
  6. With V-EMS we confirm that the energy saving solutions are indeed working, and that you are receiving maximum savings.
  • Reduce your electric costs up to 40%!

  • Minimize your carbon footprint.

  • Gain control, and operate your business for less.

  • Saving energy is not a cost. It pays for itself!

  • After the energy waste is eliminated, using renewable

    energy (solar & wind) is more efficient and affordable. 

vootu Energy Saving Solutions

The Breakdown of Savings

If vootu could reduce your annual electric bill by 25%, how much would that be?
It’s important to remember that the electric companies raise their prices by 3% every year.

For example, say your electric bill is $10,000 monthly ($120,000 annually).
Projected savings: $30,000 annually
10 Year Savings: $283,500!

That’s a 473% R.O.I.!

If you stay as you are, in 10 years your annual electric costs:$156,500
If you work with vootu, in 10 years your annual electric costs: $117,500

Why wait? Start saving today!