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Once the wise decision has been made to upgrade your facility, and turn it into a responsible user of energy, then a much harder decision has to be made. Who do you choose? Someone that you can trust to accomplish  this complex task.  After all, progress only happens at the speed of trust.

Hundreds of organizations across America have entrusted vootu, to solve the problem of how to eliminate all energy waste, wherever it resides!

Energy management by vootu focuses on electricity cost reduction by analyzing everything powered by electricity. We know, if it’s using energy, its also wasting energy and vootu has a proven track record of efficiently solving this problem.

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Why Choose Vootu?

Experience, with over a decade of both verifiable and successful energy management services in the U.S.A, our reputation for achieving the highest energy savings across all industries is unmatched by others. Energy management is a comprehensive service, delivering predictable results based on science, not guesswork!

Vootu’s commitment to always guaranteeing a minimum energy reduction of 20% annually,  sets us apart. Vootu’s range of smart technologies will optimize the performance of every electrical system you have, no other company focuses on and fixes the entire problem of electricity waste.

You always have a choice…. staying with the status quo, continues to needlessly create overspending  and serves to increase the electric companies’ profits! Alternatively you could, make a smart decision and call Vootu for a FREE ENERGY SAVING ANALYSIS  to  find out how much you could SAVE!

Energy Management by vootu

To be effective at managing and controlling your energy costs, you need data! Unfortunately today most businesses rely solely on their monthly electric bill as the only indicator of their energy performance. Often times facility directors never have sight of each monthly bill and are unaware of rising electricity consumption and costs.

Energy management requires a significantly higher level of energy data than your monthly electric bill ever provides. Vootu’s cutting edge E-TRAQ energy monitoring system delivers unparalleled performance in energy data collection and provides real time visibility. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, this is certainly true when it comes to electricity. With E-TRAQ installed, you will be measuring and monitoring over 50 electrical parameter, all  in real time! No more waiting to the end of each month to see how much you have consumed or wasted!

With real time electricity visibility you will instantly spot unusual electricity patterns or any out of hours usage. E-TRAQ alarms you when power quality negatively impacts your equipment performance, you will even see when potential equipment failure is starting to happen. With this level of real time energy data, you can quickly drive down your costs, verify all action taken has been effective and confidently police future electricity consumption. Always remaining as efficient as possible at all times.

Effective energy management start with E-TRAQ, imagine the benefits and possibilities provided when seeing in real time how you consume all electricity. Having a tool this powerful, and with the added help and support of the vootu team of energy consultants, guarantees all electrical waste will be identified and then eliminated.

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