Electricity Waste- Creates higher energy costs

> 30% of all Energy Use is WASTED! It's Time to take control of your Energy usage and costs


E-TRAQ - REAL TIME ENERGY DATA. Advanced technology pin points energy waste.

"You won't believe how much money you can save until you see the amount you waste"


Vootu Energy Management Services - A proven approach to solving a very expensive problem

Often overlooked, electricity cost reduction is one of the fastest ways to save money.


Climate Friendly Technology, time proven to produce lasting savings

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What is Vootu Energy Management?

Energy Management is a scientifically proven process of controlling and reducing all energy consumption by identifying and eliminating wasteful energy usage. Therefore it will lower operating costs and improve long-term energy performance, continuing to drive down operating expenses. Reduced electricity usage shrinks your carbon footprint which helps combat climate change. In addition to demonstrating fiscal responsibility, this also showcases your commitment to providing a cleaner environment for all to enjoy.

Vootus standardized assessment procedure: 3 Steps to Lower Energy Costs  

  • You can’t manage what you can’t measure, therefore accurate energy data must be collected:
  • Install E-TRAQ, Vootu’s proprietary real-time energy monitoring system, to collect and record all energy data, including usage and consumption during an initial 30-day period. 
  • Verify each electrical system’s performance, efficiency, and overall health, while continuing to collect initial energy data. Establish a comprehensive energy baseline to compare future improvements.
  • Audit electrical equipment and identify specific opportunities to improve energy use/consumption. Using this data, we can develop a holistic energy-saving program.
  •  Inefficiencies are eliminated using vootu’s energy-optimizing technology, improving both individual and system-wide energy performance. E-TRAQ continues to display all progress and verifies each improvement step by step, making energy savings transparent at all times.
  • E-TRAQ records and displays real-time energy data via our cloud-based energy dashboard. Now you have complete insight, awareness, and control of your current and future energy costs.
  • You can’t manage what you can’t measure!

Vootu’s energy management services are always data-driven, using real-time energy data supplied by E-TRAQ. Anything less involves guesswork and unnecessary risk!

Vootu’s proprietary energy monitoring system, E-TRAQ, was designed and engineered to capture all relevant electrical and energy data. Real-time energy displays make it possible to spot energy waste and opportunities to save. E-TRAQ monitors usage, waste, power quality, electrical faults, and helps to spot under-performing equipment. Having this level of insight brings awareness to the once hidden cost of energy waste. Some of the benefits that can be quickly identified are:

  • Power Quality, Active Power, Apparent Power, Reactive Power, Peak demand, Power factor, Phase loads etc.
  • Abnormal usage trends
  • Unusual energy patterns
  • Consumption levels above normal
  • Weekend and overnight activity abnormalities
  • Verify your monthly electricity bill
  •  Spot potential equipment failure before it’s too late
  • Peak demand periods and causes
  • Power factor performance issues
  • Voltage sags and peaks
  • Amperage loads per phase / imbalances
  • Harmonic distortion, Voltage, Current THD
  • Daily consumption trends

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