3 steps to lower energy usage

3 steps to lower energy costs that are guaranteed to be effective and permanently reduce annual energy expenses. Energy efficiency is one of the faster ways to save your organization money. Energy conservation measures limit energy usage to only when needed and avoid unnecessary use. Renewable energy sources provide sustainable energy production.

Combine all 3 steps to permanently lower energy costs using the vootu process of Control- Reduce-Eliminate. Following this proven and logical process, future energy usage, and expenses will remain as low as possible. 


Today control of your energy costs lies with your electricity provider. Whatever the electricity bill says you owe, you must pay. You have no advanced warning of how much your next electricity bill will be or even what is causing it to be so high. To regain control of your energy costs, you need to first understand when and how much energy is being used throughout the month. Real-time energy monitoring delivers the required visibility necessary to see how much electricity you are using. Energy waste becomes easy to identify allowing action taken to stop unnecessary energy usage. Real-time energy monitors capture the necessary data that’s currently missing and preventing you from understanding energy usage. Awareness drives positive changes and is part of the 3 steps to lowering energy costs.

After collecting your initial baseline energy data, future improvements can be tracked and compared, verifying changes made have a positive outcome on energy usage.


Conducting a facility-wide energy audit will reveal opportunities where energy- savings should be made. Focus on those pieces of equipment that frequently get used or remain active for long periods. Air Conditioning systems, Lighting internal and external, plug load management, Refrigeration devices, motors, and more present opportunities to improve the efficiency of how devices consume electricity. Once a thorough energy audit is completed, the value proposition will speak for itself. It is often the case that energy-saving programs be introduced without the need for large capital investments. Budget-neutral energy-saving programs use third-party sources for finance and commit the dollars saved towards paying back the finance. This approach eliminates the often unavailable finances necessary to taking action. 

30% energy savings, can be achieved by optimizing the efficiency of the equipment currently in service. This approach also provides attractive returns on investment. It’s typical for these programs to pay off all debt in under 3 years. From that point, you keep 100% of those energy savings. Efficiency first is the most important step towards achieving your goal and introducing future renewable energy sources.


The final step in vootus 3 steps to lower energy costs is ELIMINATE. This will only be achieved cost-effectively when steps 1 & 2 are implemented and energy waste is verified as being removed. This approach means that 100% of the renewable energy produced will be used with zero energy waste. This entire program aims to deliver a system where you only pay for what energy you need. Solar power silently produces clean, renewable, and sustainable energy production for 25 years, imagine the financial losses if you bypass steps 1 and 2?

Vootus proven strategy takes 3 steps to lower energy costs in a transparent program that is fully visible at all times. Electricity usage and associated costs do not have to remain unknown until the next bill arrives, this approach is outdated and wasteful.

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