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Electricity Expenses Reduction

Posted by David Watson on  July 24, 2020
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Electricity expenses always remain to some extent  fluctuating and variable. You never really know how much next month’s electricity bill is going to be, until you actually receive it, and then it’s too late to do anything about that cost! Electricity consumption is hard to precisely predict for most business owners, as so many variables come into play, the weather for one, the age and condition of their equipment, the number of people present in
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Smart Electricity Meters – Good or Bad

Posted by David Watson on  May 19, 2020
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Category: Energy Monitoring
Smart Electricity meters are rapidly replacing the old style analogue meters we have all become used to seeing. spinning wheels and analogue dials have been replaced by digital displays and solid state technology, why? As with all things improvements and advancements are made that make life easier, so is the smart meter going to make life easier for you. Simply put no, nothing will change for you, except the potential for higher charges on your
Air Conditioning System

How to Save Electricity on my Air Conditioning

Posted by David Watson on  April 13, 2020
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Energy Saving devices for Air Conditioning Systems  are not the first thing that spring to mind, when you think about reducing the operating expense of your current Air Conditioning system. One of the largest consumers of electricity in your home or office is your Air Conditioning System and traditional thinking would be to upgrade and replace the entire system for a more energy efficient system.This expensive approach may not provide a very attractive return on

Conserve Vs Waste

Posted by David Watson on  March 25, 2020
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Energy data is the key to understanding how much energy is being wasted in your facilities. Embarking on a program to reduce energy consumption without real time visibility of energy data, is flawed and simply guesswork, destined to fail. It’s time to flip the switch and stop wasting energy, start by collecting real time energy data to fully understand the size of your problem. All commercial buildings waste electricity, most in the region of 30%

Electricity Waste- Why do Businesses continue to ignore this ?

Posted by David Watson on  March 24, 2020
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Category: Energy Efficiency
The facts why businesses continue to Waste Energy. Your annual energy budgets hold untold opportunities for significant cost savings, why can I say this with so much confidence? Simple, for the past two decades I have been helping organizations large and small eliminate from their budgets what they don’t need…….Electricity Waste! We have collected hard data to support the fact why we can guarantee to reduce your electricity consumption by a very minimum of 20%