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If today’s leading car manufacturers compete for higher efficiencies and improved safety standards in their vehicles, then why are their dealerships failing to keep up with the times? Modern cars adopt LED lighting, energy recovery braking systems, etc., yet dealerships operate with outdated inefficient technologies that burden their profitability and hold back sales!

Vootu has the perfect range of retrofit solutions to restore those vintage buildings into energy efficient showrooms. Dealerships should be utilizing lighting systems that consume a fraction of energy, are low maintenance, and provide quality light to showcase vehicles in the best way possible.

Illuminating dealership lots has traditionally been with HID high wattage lamps in the 1000 watt range. Those come with high costs, are energy hogs with short life spans, and output a fraction of the light now compared to when they were new.

Today with high efficiency LED luminaries we can better illuminate dealer lots with improved color rendering. This showcases the true colors of the cars using 80% less energy and higher illumination levels. With the proven reliability of LED lighting, maintenance expenses are avoided for up to 10 years, providing a very fast return on your investment.

Reducing energy consumption does not stop with lighting. Vootu has a proven track record of significant energy saving with our proprietary technology for Air Conditioning and motor driven applications such as pumps, fans, and refrigerated space. Our Energy Saving Solutions deliver up to 40% reductions in energy usage, increasing any company’s profits for many years to come. With up to a 76% return annually on your investment, saving energy should be a NO BRAINER for any business owner.

Eliminating energy wastage should be a priority, so why wait?

Energy Savings Solutions

Energy waste is a term used to define technologies that are absorbing more power than needed to run. It happens all around us, but we are blind to it because energy is invisible. On average, commercial locations utilize only 70% of the energy they are paying for, the rest is considered waste. Energy waste can be compared to having a water leak, if there is a water leak; a plumber would be called to have it fixed immediately. If the water leak continued not only would you have a flood, but your water bill would be extremely high. For energy waste, it works the same way except that you can’t visibly see that it’s happening and it will continue to go on until solutions are implemented. It’s difficult to prove that something is happening, if there is no visual evidence for one to see. That’s why vootu created their Energy Monitoring System, and is your one stop shop when it comes to energy savings.

Installing Energy Monitoring Equipment is the first action taken by vootu when working with a new client. The equipment produces real-time recordable data presented in graphs to showcase which technologies are using the most energy, showing our professionals which actions/solutions need to be implemented. The utility companies continue to increase their prices about 3% each year, and will continue to do so for years to come. If a business takes action to reduce their energy waste with vootu, they can lower their utility bill up to 40% indefinitely. Although, taking action to reduce energy waste goes beyond just receiving a lower bill. The more energy a business consumes, the larger their carbon footprint is. The bigger the carbon footprint, the more greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are emitted which directly effects global warming.  As a population, we are quickly burning through fossil fuel which has a negative impact on our environment. The transition to alternate sustainable energy sources such as solar and wind is slowly increasing, but the people need to do their part to push this revolution. Being energy efficient is not a concept for the future; it is possible now and requires little effort. Businesses that don’t take action to eliminate their energy waste are overpaying and will continue to overpay.  Reducing your business’s energy bill and upgrading to green technology begins with just a simple phone call to vootu.

Energy Monitoring, Energy Savings Solutions
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Energy Monitoring Equipment has revolutionized the way that people understand, track and consume electricity. The energy bill is a huge part of a business’s operating expenses. If you could reduce your location’s energy bill up to 40%, would you? Reducing a business’s energy bill can only begin by installing Energy Monitoring Equipment. You simply can’t manage what you can’t measure! Can you imagine driving your car without a dashboard? How would you know how fast you were going, when you’re going to run out of gas, or if the car needs service? Paying for electricity every single month without understanding how your business consumes power is like driving your car without a dashboard. You’re always going to have to pay for electricity; wouldn’t you rather be in control of these costs as opposed to naively paying a bill you can’t validate?  Vootu has created high-quality, extremely accurate Energy Monitoring Equipment that provides clear real-time recordable data of a location’s energy usage, giving you the control you need as a business owner. The EME is easy to use and understand, and is accessible online or as a mobile app. The convenience is unbeatable. Competitor equipment only tells you how much energy you are using, but by working with vootu we implement solutions along with the EME resulting in lower energy usage indefinitely. Installing EME is the first and most important step we take with all clients, because it exposes where the energy waste is coming from. The electric companies will never alert you of energy waste or how to gain control and lower your bill. Vootu helps you keep more money in your pocket opposed to overpaying the utility companies. We provide you with the tools needed to ensure that our actions are working, providing complete transparency of vootu and guaranteed energy reduction. Interested in Energy Monitoring Equipment and lowering your business’s utility bill? Contact vootu today!

Energy Savings Solutions
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Everyone is dictated by money. It controls the way we are able to live, and everyone is always looking for more. As a business owner, money is the definition between success and failure. If you were able to reduce your location’s operating expenses, would you do it? The reality is, commercial locations waste about 40% of the energy they are paying for. Wouldn’t you rather pocket that money as opposed to overpaying the electric companies?  Vootu is a Florida based, energy management company that is dedicated to helping the Earth and saving people money. Vootu provides a range of services to be your one stop shop for energy savings. All actions completed by vootu result in eliminated energy waste, lower electric bills, and smaller carbon footprints. The founder of vootu has a comprehensive background in architecture and energy efficiency, which is why we create and use our own proprietary products when providing custom solutions for every client. Vootu’s products are certified and approved by Energy Star, DLC and UL listed. Clients such as Dominos, Taco Bell, Subway, Anytime Fitness, APEC,  Tampa General Hospital, FL School Districts and more express excellent customer satisfaction with vootu’s solutions. It is important now more than ever to take action and help the environment. Skeptics question how it’s possible to upgrade to green technology, yet receive an endless amount of savings. The truth is, it’s not magic, it’s science. Want vootu to help your business? Contact us to schedule a no obligation energy analysis!

Energy Savings Solutions