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Refrigeration Energy Saving

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Refrigeration Energy Saving

Refrigeration energy saving does not mean having to replace the equipment you have with newer more energy efficient models. Significant improvements in the amount of electricity refrigeration units consume can be easily and quickly made, with the integration of vootu technology.

One of the easiest and most cost effective refrigeration energy saving technologies to integrate is vootu’s Endo-Cube. This breakthrough in how added control of refrigeration cycles can simultaneously cut energy use and also increase the shelf life of the produce being stored.

The Problem

Most refrigeration are controlled by temperature, more precisely air temperature. Monitored by a temperature probe, these devices are sensitive to minor changes in air temperature, such as when a door opens to remove items. Because the probe senses warm air, it activates the compressor and cold air is produced, often though the impact of this warmer air entering the unit does not change the produce temperature, due to it having a greater thermal mass.

The Solution

Having a more stable refrigeration temperatures eliminates the problem of overcooling or freezer burn often the result of unnecessary refrigeration cycles. With Endo -Cube fitted, the refrigeration unit now operates based on the product temperature being stored. Endo-Cube changes how refrigeration and freezer units works by mimicking food. The same principle work for both fresh and frozen products, Endo-Cube now turns the refrigeration unit on and off based on the food temperature a proven safer way to cold store product.

Because the air temperature is no longer creating so many random stop, start cycles the new longer off cycles create considerable energy savings. Controlling food storage temperatures with Endo-Cube reduces refrigeration cycles by as much as 80% which equates to a further 66% reduction in start up cycles.

Endo-Cube is easy to install has no moving parts, requires no electricity, it simply relies on the complex microcrystalline wax to mimic all foods and beverages extending their storage life. Reduced energy costs are guaranteed typically 20 – 30% less energy is consumed by a unit when this refrigeration energy saving device is installed. With less use of the compressor comes extended component life, another added benefit of Endo-Cube technology.

Endo-Cube is food safe and has been awarded the NSF International certification under protocol 235.

Refrigeration energy saving does not have to be complicated, this simple device will pay for itself every day, producing a very attractive return on investment.

Contact vootu for more information regarding Endo-Cube and other innovative ways to control and lower your energy costs. 727 314 8656