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Electricity use

Electricity use appears to be taken for granted, no one seems to be concerned about future availability, its simply there every time you flip the switch. The electrical grid is for the most part very reliable, supplying a seemingly limitless amount of electricity, so the need for energy conservation is not driven by the scarcity of the commodity!

Climate change is becoming more noticeable each year, hotter temperatures, prolonged severe droughts, wildfires, and stronger storms, all of which are fueled by the world’s addiction to electricity use. People appear never to stop and consider the damage caused by their electricity overuse, they rarely associate electricity  use/waste, with accelerating climate change! If they did their actions would be different.

Reducing the amount of electricity use not only saves you money, but it also reduces the amount of harmful CO2 gasses polluting the atmosphere. This being a leading cause of global warming and the ensuing devastating effects of climate change, that impacts everyone.

So why is it so hard for everyone to simply be more mindful of energy usage and conservation efforts? Perhaps you don’t pay the bill each month, so you are not directly impacted!  but is that a valid reason for not caring about our environment. You will pay the price, ultimately! As this unsustainable approach to burning the planets natural resources to power our world, will run out one day! During that time, we will all suffer the devastating impact of climate change.

There is always a solution to any given problem, electricity use and waste is no different. Electricity waste can be identified, controlled, and eliminated, without any added financial burden beyond that currently budgeted to pay for annual electricity costs.

The reality is that saving energy is one of the fastest ways to save money, and those savings don’t disappear in a year, they continue to keep costs down, amounting to significant savings due to cost avoidance in the coming years.

On average commercial businesses waste 30% of the electricity use, purchased each year. With such a staggeringly high percentage wasted, why would anyone deny the opportunity to be more sustainable and have zero energy waste. The financial savings alone make for a very attractive opportunity.

Becoming a responsible user of electricity, cutting you energy costs, and demonstrating a commitment to good environmental stewardship, all leads to a more sustainable future. Zero waste maximizes your profits.

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