Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation Tips

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Guaranteed Electricity Cost Reduction

Energy conservation tips makes sense and should be foremost in the minds of everyone. In its simplest form energy conservation measures can start by turning off things that are not needed. Why waste energy when it costs so much, negatively impacts our environment and depletes our natural resources.

There are many low or even no cost ways to conserve energy use such as:

  • Install motion sensors in rooms to eliminate lighting being left on.
  • Adjust timer devices to correspond to times when buildings are occupied.
  • adjust thermostats settings a couple of degrees, in hot climates raise set point, in cooler climates, lower set points just a couple of degrees.
  • Use photo-cells to control external lighting times, to avoid unnecessary use due to switches left on or timer clocks incorrectly set.
  • Maintain equipment for optimal energy use.
  • replace Air Conditioning filters on a regular basis

Conserving energy usage really means being mindful of not leaving anything turned on that’s not needed, this includes computers, printers, photo-copiers all of which have a low level of electricity consumption when in standby mode. Its worth remembering that the simplest way to conserve electricity is to turn it off.

Its also worth investigating the need for artificial lighting during peak sun hours. Often south facing windows can deliver sufficient natural light to allow artificial lighting to be turned off. This simple yet very effective process can be automated by installing a daylight harvesting lighting control system. When automated the system will adjust the artificial lighting output to meet the required needs of the room occupants. These systems can be a costly upgrade, using people to control lighting is much more beneficial, it just needs time for habits to change.

Passive solar gain delivered by the daily sunlight can cause increased energy use in a couple of different ways. Windows that have low thermal properties allow significant amounts of heat to pass into the building causing cooling systems to run longer to remove the heat. Upgrading to high efficiency window units can result in significant reductions in cooling costs, especially for south facing orientations. A less expensive yet still worthwhile alternative would be to install window tint/film, these covering cut down on the passage of heat and to some degree the glare of direct sunlight. Its worth remembering that using a window tint will diminish the effects of daylight harvesting systems, so in that instance its better to use a new window unit that has low emissivity glass installed, this coating serves to allow light to pass through but not the heat, that’s reflected back outside.

Energy conservation tips can be achieved in many different ways, the easiest is to retrain yourself and others to turn off any items not currently needed. Energy conservation means using less and eliminating the waste. Often energy efficiency is confused with energy conservation, however energy efficiency is doing the same but using less energy as oppose to energy conservation using less by being used less.

Combining both energy conservation tips and energy efficiency measures will result in cost savings, improved environmental conditions, assist in reducing global warming and combat climate change. Helping your finances while helping our planet, a combination hard to beat!

Reducing energy usage is often thought to be cost prohibitive, however today the opposite is true. Saving energy can be budget neutral, essentially redirecting the electricity savings to pay for the improvements. With very attractive returns on your investment, these well planned energy saving programs can be debt free in under 3 years.

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