How to avoid expensive overspending on your electricity costs?

Posted by David Watson on  July 17, 2019
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Today’s reality is simple, electricity costs continues to rise year after year, following a historically upward trend; which will not change in the future unless we change our reliance on fossil fuels. This unfortunately, I don’t see happening. To reduce your electricity costs its simple, you must use less! Turning things off when they are not in use is a good start and changing your inefficient lighting systems to high efficiency LED lighting makes an
electrical system maintenance for maximum efficiency

Energy Health Check

Posted by David Watson on  June 26, 2019
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When was the last time you undertook a full energy health check? We take electricity for granted.  We assume the electrical grid is strong and supply for the most part is very reliable and on demand 24/7. This accessibility has resulted in increased energy usage/costs as we have no regard for conserving this expensive commodity, we simply continue to use and waste at will. We regularly service our cars, have personal annual health checks and
Utility usage in the USA 2018

Being Responsible has many Benefits

Posted by David Watson on  May 24, 2019
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According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) electricity consumption in the United States was about 3.95 trillion Kilowatt-hours (Kwh) in 2018 that makes the USA the second largest consumer of electricity in the world, China is the number one consumer overall using 6.31 trillion Kilowat-hours (Kwh). However per capita the USA consumes 12,071 KWH/ year compared to only 4,475 KWH/year in China. The largest consumption sector in the USA being Residential followed by Commercial,
Do LED Lights Save Energy

Is LED lighting a good investment?

Posted by David Watson on  April 11, 2019
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Category: Energy Savings
For most people an investment means getting back more than you invest, so the purchase cost of your LED lighting must be recovered first in electricity saving, then the remaining savings become essentially your profit. That’s a very simple way of looking at the investment. LED lighting products over the past decade have dropped in price significantly and at the same time their efficacy rating have improved, both having a direct positive affect on your
Vootu Energy Mgt.

Energy Monitors – Why They are Important

Posted by David Watson on  March 19, 2019
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Category: Energy Monitoring
Over the past decade vootu has been actively assisting businesses throughout the Unites States both large and small, in all industries to eliminate their energy waste through implementing our Energy Management processes. The results are consistent in all cases: Proven to LOWER expenses Proven to INCREASE profits Guaranteed to IMPROVE your green credentials Energy Management focuses on saving energy through the process of monitoring, controlling and conserving energy within building. The benefits are measurable and