Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Programs

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Energy Efficiency Programs

Comprehensive Energy efficiency programs are a great way of improving your buildings energy efficiency and today by far the best investment you can make when attempting to lower your energy costs. Improving the energy efficiency of the equipment you have takes a far smaller investment than upgrading to newer yet slightly higher efficiency models. Believe it or not everything that consumes electricity has  a wasted portion, as an example the traditional 60 watt incandescent lamp converted 90% of the energy it used into heat and only 10% into light. That example is hardly an efficient use of energy, this same level of inefficiency  is found across all electrical systems, lighting may be easy to see but its not the energy hog everyone believes it to be.

Vootu’s Energy Efficiency Programs are detailed analyzing all energy usage typically reveals significantly higher opportunities to save without the high investments. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, so first you need a way to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency and measure their effectiveness to eliminate guesswork.

Energy efficiency programs requires measurement and verification to prove the performance of all devices installed are actually producing energy savings. Attempting to improve energy efficiency without real time energy data and visibility will result in poor performance and wasted investments that produce unacceptable returns on investment.

Affecting significant energy savings by improving energy efficiency is not a D.I.Y project, the cost of failure is a high one. Asking facility staff to tackle this problem is unfair and realistically very little energy savings will be generated. Energy Efficiency programs should cover all aspects of energy usage, knowing what, when and how much everything uses, provides a baseline for measured improvements.

Energy efficiency improvements can be achieved in all equipment, and nothing should ever be overlooked from power quality to time of use, there are always opportunities to achieve the same work using less energy.

Retrofitting the technology you have today will eliminate at a minimum 20% of your current energy costs over the course of the coming year. Using the saved dollars to pay for the energy efficiency programs upgrades, makes most sense, why come out of pocket?

Lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, pumps, fans, motors, plug loads and utility grid power are all areas needing investigation and analysis, the results are often predictable, but only  when you have the knowledge and expertise to demonstrate this time and time again.

Vootu’s energy efficiency programs have over a decade of verifiable results proven to deliver 20% reductions in your electricity consumption and associated operating costs. We can’t change the weather, but we can save over 20% on your cooling costs regardless of how hot the summer gets.

Put vootu to the test, if you want lower energy costs, we want to help. Energy waste is a real problem, vootu are the only solution guaranteed to deliver.

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