Electricity expenses

Electricity expenses always remain to some extent  fluctuating and variable. You never really know how much next month’s electricity bill is going to be, until you actually receive it, and then it’s too late to do anything about that cost!

Electricity consumption is hard to precisely predict for most business owners, as so many variables come into play, the weather for one, the age and condition of their equipment, the number of people present in a building, there behavioral habits etc. No wonder most people accept increasing their electricity budgets each year as the only option available to them. For far too long, your electricity expenses have been ignored and a simple budget increase in line with inflation has been the answer!

Its true electricity costs historically increase every year, your machinery ages and its energy efficiency deteriorates by a small percentage year over year, therefore it’s wise to predict operational costs will continue to rise to some degree.

However if you are seeking innovative ways to lower your electricity usage and expenditure, you should seriously look into Energy Management, the only proven scientific approach to eliminating all of your energy waste, that’s the portion you pay for, but don’t actually need!

Realistically 30% of your annual electricity expenses are always wasted, this is because of many invisible factors, most of which you will never realize are happening! Water leaks as an example can be identified more easily and fixed, electricity leaks always remain invisible.

It’s time to introduce a modern approach to controlling your energy expenses, one that makes them predictable and always at the lowest level possible. Identifying all opportunities to eliminate energy waste has to be undertaken by those who possess the necessary expertise, experience and also extensive knowledge in multiple areas of energy conservation and efficiency practices.

Predictable future electricity expenses start by becoming energy efficient today; avoiding the subject will only continue to hurt your bottom line and possibly impact your competitive edge. Not to mention the harm caused to our environment by accelerating climate change due to global warming.

Implementing a full energy efficiency upgrade is certainly not cost prohibitive for anyone, it will definitely cost you more to avoid taking this action, than it will, to be smart and start to efficiently use only the power you need.

Vootu has a proven reputation for delivering the highest energy savings, with the lowest level of investment, typically with R.O.I’s around 2 years. Our approach provides everyone a way to take action today, without digging into their bank accounts. Using only those new monthly electricity savings, we guarantee to finance the complete energy saving solution.

Find out if you qualify for this program, call Vootu today at 727-314 8656, One call and you could reduce your energy costs by 30%