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Energy Efficiency Upgrades

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Lower Energy Costs

Energy Efficiency Upgrades, what are these and what do they provide?

In simple terms, Energy Efficiency is the rate of work (output) relative to the (input) most if not all work, results in some losses (waste) and these losses can be measured as energy waste and the efficiency of equipment then calculated.

Wasted energy (losses) has no value, it is money simply lost, with nothing to show for that cost. Therefore the higher the efficiency the less money we waste.

To improve energy efficiency we need to do the same work using less energy (lower cost) A good example would be a high efficiency LED Lamp for instance when comparing a 60-watt incandescent lamp that produces 800 lumens, the same can be achieved using LED technology and only 8 watts of power.

The ratio of power to performance is known as “efficacy” the higher the number the better the efficiency. In the above example, the incandescent lamp’s efficacy is 13.33 lumens per watt in contrast to the LED lamp being 100 lumens per watt an impressive 750% higher efficiency!

The value of Energy Efficiency  Upgrades must be determined by the cost (investment) in the higher-performing technology. This value of money formula is relatively easy to understand and usually calculated first as a return on investment, secondly as savings over the lifetime of the investment.

Today Energy Efficiency upgrades are the absolute best investment in terms of initial cost and savings providing the best use of funds with the quickest return on investments.

Within all buildings, energy is used across a wide range of equipment and it’s safe to say energy waste is present in everything. The cost of energy waste will only be apparent once a thorough energy use analysis has been performed.

Once all equipment has been evaluated for energy waste and the financial benefits of upgrading their efficiency calculated, it will be easy to prioritize an action plan leading towards becoming energy efficient. Often the best investments are those you would never consider, that’s why energy efficiency is a task best left to those professionals who specialize in energy performance.

Vootu’s in-depth knowledge of identifying and quantifying energy waste in all electrical systems is what makes them a trusted resource for business owners looking for a risk-free investment eliminating all needless energy waste throughout their entire operations.

Energy Efficiency Upgrade investments come with predictable outcomes, returns are always based on actual usage and vary for every business, there is no typical rule of thumb guidelines that are 100% accurate. There is no substitute for actual energy audits conducted by experienced energy consultants who leave nothing out.

Energy Efficiency upgrades typically always deliver returns on investment under 3 years, that’s a guaranteed annual return of 33.3% on the original investment. Some elements payback as fast as 1 year, an incredible 100% annual return. For this reason, most comprehensive energy efficiency upgrade projects deliver a blended 2-year return on investment for vootu clients. Compare our scientific 50% annual returns to those likely on the current stock market performance, where speculation eliminates guarantees!

Rising electricity costs continue to improve the returns of your investment each year and provide reassurance your future energy costs will remain as low as possible. After all, being energy efficient means you only pay for what you need, that’s true to some degree, everyone still needs to conserve energy usage to maintain the lowest possible energy expenses.

Vootu has a proven track record of helping organizations large and small reduce their energy expenses by becoming energy efficient. Most achieve this goal by using our budget-neutral energy reduction programs “pay as you go”