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Vootu’s mission is Controlling electricity costs by Reducing energy consumption and Eliminating inefficient utility waste. Vootu Energy Management’s approach is data driven, no guesswork. Today you have little to zero visibility of what equipment at your business uses energy or what their individual costs to operate are or their efficiencies.  What is absolute is the utility company will tabulate and charge you for every kilowatt possible. Saving you money is not in their interests. The
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Walk Before You Run!

Posted by knewby on  April 6, 2018

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This may sound like a simple and well used phrase, but when it comes to renewable energy production, why do people start to run first? My point is that renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, fuel cells etc. are all in themselves sustainable energy producers. Simply replacing or reducing the number of power stations with clean energy production is not the first or best step we all should be taking. Energy conservation and efficiency
LED Refrigerator Tubes
Store managers should know they need to replace traditional fluorescent lighting in their refrigerated display cases with LED tubes. Why? Because of the many LED light retrofit advantages: Florescent bulbs create 90% heat and poor light quality. LED Refrigerator tubes use 70% less energy with minimal heat and produce a higher quality light. LED lighting functions very well in cold temperatures. Extremely low maintenance. Reduction in disposal costs due to incredibly long lifespans. No mercury
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An Energy Management Plan is being discussed around boardrooms everywhere. vootu is known as the “Energy Saving Group” because we specialize in Energy Management Plans. This includes both Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency measures.  Our unique services aim to eliminate all energy waste that currently exists in every facility by monitoring, targeting and reducing energy consumption. You will probably be surprised to learn that most companies waste between 24-40% of the energy they purchase every
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Even the government is telling us to STOP PROCRASTINATING and adopt energy efficient practices and products. The cost of delaying energy inefficiencies could be extraordinary. On average, 30 cents of every dollar that organizations spend on energy use in commercial buildings is wasted. Since inception, ENERGY STAR has shown impressive results: in 2010 Americans and businesses saved nearly $18 billion on utility bills. How much money is your organization wasting? THE TIME TO CHANGE THE WAY WE