Saving Energy

Saving Energy

Posted by David Watson on  September 9, 2020
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Someone once told me saving energy was easy….just turn it off! Well it’s true, turning things off conserves energy for use later when we really need it most and it also lowers our costs. So why is it so hard for people to turn things off when they don’t need them? One reason might be we never run out of power as we have an unlimited supply coming from the grid all of the time.
Lower Energy Costs

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Posted by David Watson on  September 6, 2020
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Energy Efficiency Upgrades, what is it and what does it mean? In simple terms Energy Efficiency is the rate of work (output) relative to the (input) most if not all work, results in some losses (waste) and these losses can be measured as energy waste and the efficiency of equipment then calculated. Wasted energy (losses) has no value, its money simply lost, with nothing to show for that cost. Therefore the higher the efficiency the
Energy Efficiency Programs

Energy Efficiency Programs

Posted by David Watson on  August 31, 2020
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Category: Energy Efficiency
Comprehensive Energy efficiency programs are a great way of improving your buildings energy efficiency and today by far the best investment you can make when attempting to lower your energy costs. Improving the energy efficiency of the equipment you have takes a far smaller investment than upgrading to newer yet slightly higher efficiency models. Believe it or not everything that consumes electricity has  a wasted portion, as an example the traditional 60 watt incandescent lamp
Electricity expenses

Electricity Expenses Reduction

Posted by David Watson on  July 24, 2020
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Electricity expenses always remain to some extent  fluctuating and variable. You never really know how much next month’s electricity bill is going to be, until you actually receive it, and then it’s too late to do anything about that cost! Electricity consumption is hard to precisely predict for most business owners, as so many variables come into play, the weather for one, the age and condition of their equipment, the number of people present in
Vootu Energy Management

Smart Electricity Meters – Good or Bad

Posted by David Watson on  May 19, 2020
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Category: Energy Monitoring
Smart Electricity meters are rapidly replacing the old style analogue meters we have all become used to seeing. spinning wheels and analogue dials have been replaced by digital displays and solid state technology, why? As with all things improvements and advancements are made that make life easier, so is the smart meter going to make life easier for you. Simply put no, nothing will change for you, except the potential for higher charges on your