Energy Efficiency

Vootu Awarded Energy Efficiency Contract

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Energy Efficiency Contract

Energy Efficiency contract goes to vootu!

On October 12 2020 vootu inc. was formerly awarded RFP# 21-02  “LED Lighting and Energy efficiency solutions” by the Panhandle Area Education Consortium (PAEC)

The Florida buy program was established to assist schools, school districts, and other eligible users with a safe,efficient and legally compliant purchasing solution.

This is also a solution to the new education purchasing statute (F.S 1010.04 (1)(b) requiring Florida Schools and Florida College systems to review “the purchasing agreements and state term contracts available under F.S.287.056″ before making a purchase of non-instructional products and services.

Vootu responded to this comprehensive request for energy saving technologies and services because we recognized our uniqueness covered not just that specified in RFP#21-02, but even more that could be used to help educational facilities reduce their rising energy costs.

It’s well known that education budgets continue to be stretched, giving even more importance to eliminating the needless and high expense associated with energy waste. This problem exists today in every school and school district!

This Energy Efficiency Contract awarded to vootu reinforces us as a leading energy saving company in Florida, with abilities that cover the entire spectrum of electricity cost reduction. If renewable energy creation excites you, we can help make that happen, but not before eliminating all energy waste first. Energy efficiency drives down costs and makes clean renewable energy investments make even more sense. Pay for only what you need and use every watt wisely.

Vootu offer Guaranteed energy saving programs, our confidence is your assurance that risk free energy savings are available to all. The many benefits of eliminating energy waste are attractive, the savings are lasting and the benefits to our environment are priceless.

Vootu are looking forward to working with PAEC and the Florida Buy program to help those who realize energy waste brings them no value, yet they don’t know where to start! Call vootu for assistance and find out “why you can’t manage what you can’t measure” Your energy future is safe and predictable, with vootu managing energy use.

This Energy Efficiency Contract extends for a 3 year period, over that time Vootu anticipate helping Florida schools and School Districts spend significantly less on electricity usage. Helping previously wasted dollars to be used to benefit student education.

call vootu today for a free consultation 727 314 8656 Finding out how big of a problem you have, is only the beginning. Realizing those lasting benefits without increasing your already tight budgets is always going to be smart business!