Lower Energy Costs

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Lower Energy Costs

Lower energy costs are today within the reach of every business and home owner. Electricity rates will continue to increase, as our reliance on electricity becomes every greater.

The simple fact, why everyone’s electricity costs are outpacing inflation is because of  rampant energy waste, inefficient equipment, poor routine maintenance and all those things left running, unnecessarily!

Today our lives are made more efficient by the use of electronic technologies, online ordering for almost anything we need is a normal way of life. Yet the traditional method of paying for electricity has never changed for over a century…..Why?

Receiving a monthly BILL showing only what was used 30 days ago and having no indication what used this electricity, leaves you with no choice, other than to pay the bill and then continue to repeat the same process every thirty days, this is outdated, inefficient and very expensive!

Everyone checks their bank statements, credit card statement, even a restaurant bill gets the once over to make sure you are paying for only what you consumed.

The only way to lower your energy costs is to understand what, when and how much electricity is being used at any given time. Having real time usage data, together with graphical historic electricity usage patterns makes spotting energy waste easy!

The only reason that your building does not have an electricity gauge, is simple, because you will never run out of electricity when connected to the electrical grid,. The downside to this situation is you are never mindful of conserving energy! as its always there and never a concern that it could ever run out.

This set up leads to continually wasting electricity! The first step towards reducing electricity usage is to gain awareness of all electricity usage. To accomplish this task, real time energy monitoring is recommended, this is easily installed into any building and using the existing WI-FI network all electricity data is then transmitted to the internet for easy access 24/7.

Now you can start to regain control over your energy costs,  start to identify  all energy waste, out of hours usage, trends, anomalies and even verify your electricity bill consumption.

To lower your energy costs, you must first understand how electricity is being used and wasted, some of the easiest ways to lower your energy costs are to turn those things off, that today you are currently unaware always get left turned on.

Conserving energy, by turning off equipment that’s not needed becomes simple to do, once a visible picture identifying energy waste is presented. If you chose to improve energy efficiency, then a real time energy monitor will prove invaluable by tracking all improvements, verifying  immediately the changes made are delivering the intended savings.

The statement “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” perfectly defines why everyone overspends on their electricity costs. Very few businesses or homeowners have any method of measuring their electricity usage, if they did, most would instantly realize energy waste was rampant and savings opportunities jumping out at them.

Vootu always recommend that the first and most important step in reducing electricity costs is to take back control, by installing real time energy monitoring. This data will bring awareness and drive informed decisions to eliminate all energy waste in a transparent and predictable manner.

Vootu’s proprietary 3 phase energy monitor ( E-TRAQ) was developed because of the necessity to eliminate energy waste, that’s today contributing to 30% overspending in all commercial buildings annually, on their electricity costs.

E-TRAQ has consistently identified significant opportunities to reduce electricity consumption, recovering the small investment in several weeks. Monitoring prevents future energy waste and alarms you when any events happen that could drive up energy costs unnecessarily.

If you truly wish to pay for only what you need, then real time energy monitoring is the only solution to help you achieve your goal, and then continue to remain energy efficient.

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