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How to Save Electricity on my Air Conditioning

By April 13, 2020 No Comments
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Energy Saving devices for Air Conditioning Systems  are not the first thing that spring to mind, when you think about reducing the operating expense of your current Air Conditioning system. One of the largest consumers of electricity in your home or office is your Air Conditioning System and traditional thinking would be to

upgrade and replace the entire system for a more energy efficient system.V-icoolThis expensive approach may not provide a very attractive return on your investment, in fact in might even take the entire life of the unit to recapture the expense. Energy Saving devices for Air Conditioning Systems offer a much smarter way of both improving the efficiency of your existing system and lowering your cooling costs and also come with a much smaller and attractive cost.

The main problem with most older Air Conditioning Systems is a lack of intelligence controlling the amount of energy used to cool your home or building. A simple thermostat controls everything and in doing so creates considerable electricity waste and unnecessary costs.

The majority of electricity consumption in your A/C system comes from the compressor, which is controlled by your thermostat! With the simplest of functions comes lots of wasted energy.The primary purpose of the compressor is to pump refrigerant and create a cold evaporator coil for the warm air to pass over and cool down. The evaporator coils have a design temperature (the coldest they will get) this assures your system can meet the demands of the hottest days of the year.

Often these evaporator coils have reached their coldest temperature and still the compressor continues to run, why? There is one simple reason, your thermostat has not reached its set temperature and will continue to call for the compressor to run until that temperature has been reached.

Vootu developed a smart solution within its range of energy saving devices for air conditioning systems to tackle this common place problem. V-icool is a proprietary device designed to intelligently control your systems compressor usage and in the process save significant amounts of electricity (costs). V-icool monitors both evaporator coil temperature and environmental temperatures so that it never compromises cooling to save energy. This device is tuneable to any size A/C split system unit regardless of  age, tunable comfort settings and evaporator coil temperatures. V-icool unit can quickly be installed within 30 minutes, and once set the device will deliver electricity savings between 18 – 23% providing a very quick return on your investment.

V-icool is designed, engineered and built in the USA, with a proven track record of saving energy on thousands of Air Conditioning Systems throughout the world. If you own a commercial three phase system then V-icool can bring additional electricity savings by integrating to a variable frequency drive and controlling the speed of your evaporator fan motor. Utilizing a VFD will further increase energy savings towards the 30% or higher range.

If it’s not time to replace your existing Air Conditioning System, it is time to upgrade its efficiency using V-icool, the only  Energy Saving device for Air Conditioning Systems that’s guaranteed to save electricity without making you feel uncomfortable. The only difference you see is in your reduced electricity bills.

Contact vootu today to find out more about V-icool and other energy saving technologies that reduce electricity consumption for Air Conditioning Systems.

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