How To Conserve Energy and avoid costly waste

Energy data is the key to understanding how much energy is being wasted in your facilities. Embarking on a program to reduce energy consumption without real time visibility of energy data, is flawed and simply guesswork, destined to fail. It’s time to flip the switch and stop wasting energy, start by collecting real time energy data to fully understand the size of your problem.

All commercial buildings waste electricity, most in the region of 30% annually, that’s a staggering amount of wasted money for nothing in return. Now if you could see this energy waste as energy data, you would probably take action and remedy the problem, pretty much the same way we all fix a water leak once detected.

Because electricity cannot be seen, heard or smelt its an invisible force that we all rely on to power our lives, yet we never stop to consider how much do we waste and what would it take to have the energy data to identify and eliminate all of that waste, is it financially attractive to save energy?

Installing E-TRAQ, vootus leading energy monitoring system should be the first step taken, no other step comes close to delivering the value a real time monitor provides.  With its IOT enabled dashboard ,now you can understand at any time, your energy consumption profiles, spot those anomalies or unusual usage patterns, such as out of hours activity or high overnight and weekend usage.

Suddenly it’s easy to see the inefficiencies and waste happening at all times, now steps can be taken to reign in all of that waste with complete peace of mind provided by the real time reporting confirming your actions have resulted in savings. No guesswork, just verifiable energy data!

E-TRAQ has a comprehensive energy dashboard recording continuously all electrical values so that vootu can help confirm your electrical systems are operating efficiently and no problems exist that silently cause your energy costs to rise. Visibility brings awareness and ultimately control of energy costs, any other way is guesswork and will not result in your energy costs being reduced down, to only what you need.

No other energy saving investment will deliver a higher return on your investment than E-TRAQ, precise actionable data in real time of ever watt used, now you can control your energy costs. Vootu can optimize all electrical systems, including lighting, HVAC systems, Refrigeration,power quality, motors, pumps, fans but none of these efficiency upgrades achieve their potential without the visibility provided by E-TRAQ, the right tool for the right job.

Have you ever inflated your car tires without using a pressure gauge? Why not! or paid a restaurant bill that has not itemized your order? So why would you try to reduce your energy usage without a way of having verifiable energy data to track performance accurately.

Technology advances today at great speed, making our lives more enjoyable and easier. Technology also exists today to optimize all of the inefficient equipment you rely on everyday to operate your business. It’s time to bring electricity consumption into the modern age and pay for only what you need. Continuing to follow outdated practices will leave you behind, wasting money, repairing equipment more often and harming our environment needlessly.

vootu guarantees it will cost you less to become energy efficient than to remain wasteful. Call vootu today to discuss the best course of action for your organization.

How To Conserve Energy and avoid costly waste

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