The facts why businesses continue to Waste Energy.

electricity waste shocks!Your annual energy budgets hold untold opportunities for significant cost savings, why can I say this with so much confidence? Simple, for the past two decades I have been helping organizations large and small eliminate from their budgets what they don’t need…….Electricity Waste!

We have collected hard data to support the fact why we can guarantee to reduce your electricity consumption by a very minimum of 20% on an annual basis. Now how much money does that represent to you? Too much to ignore, that’s a fact.

Out of a recent survey we conducted, asking local business owners the same simple question, we received a surprising response. The question was straight forward “Would you agree wasting 20% of the electricity you purchase makes NO sense and should stop?”

98% of answers confirmed wasting energy makes no sense and should stop.

With such a high approval rating, I’m left confused, if almost everyone agrees this is pointless and should be eliminated, then why do the same percentage 98, continue to do nothing to fix this problem of electricity waste?

Vootu have been able to ascertain the primary reasons why action is not taken, and we are about to explain each and bust the myths associated with these mindsets, In the hope a more informed person makes a better decision .

  1. We can’t afford the investment it takes to become energy efficient!                                      

Simply put, it costs no more to become energy efficient than it does if you avoid the problem. Vootu create budget neutral energy saving programs that only utilize the electricity savings to fund these programs. We guarantee your expenditure won’t go up; however in a relatively short period of time those savings generated from our program will have eliminated both your energy waste and debt, so now the savings become yours.

  1. It’s too risky!

With over a decade of verifiable results, vootu lead the way when it comes to comprehensive energy reductions. We specialize in all aspects of Energy Management in areas most never investigate, if it’s powered by electricity it’s wasting electricity. Trust vootu to accurately calculate all financial opportunities, optimize the efficiency of the systems and equipment you have and deliver on our guaranteed energy savings. If we fail, you don’t suffer, and will receive any shortfall in savings direct from vootu.

  1. We can do this in house!

If that was the case, then why have you not done so? In truth you don’t have the appropriately qualified staff in place to identify, quantify and ultimately guarantee the return on investment. Energy Management is a complex science requiring the services of qualified and experienced professionals with a proven track record of delivering verifiable results.


  1. It’s not the right time?

Every day you delay taking that all important first step, that money is lost forever. Days become weeks and months become years and dollars wasted become thousands even hundreds of thousands, for our larger clients. The only time it takes is the time it takes to make a smart decision, from there on vootu undertake all aspects, no interference to your operations or staff involvement, simply you are on your way to lower costs and becoming a responsible steward of our environment.

Waste in all forms has no place in any organization and electricity waste is silent, invisible and odorless, so you never know when it’s happening and how much of a negative impact on your bottom line it has. Now you know the truth, is it time to make that call to vootu?

20% annual energy reductions, improve your profits, extend the life of your equipment, reduce breakdowns and lower your carbon footprint to help create a cleaner more sustainable future. No one loses when you decide to eliminate your energy waste problems.

Can you afford the cost of doing NOTHING?