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Electricity Savings

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Electricity Savings

Electricity Savings should be on everyone’s “to do list” in 2021, as the cost of electricity will only continue to rise, the future simply gets more expensive if nothing is done to address this common problem.

One reason most businesses chose for ignoring this problem, is because their electricity bill lacks the data necessary to draw their attention to the problem. Imagine having “wasted electricity” itemized on your monthly electric bill, that would surely get your attention, once you can see the charges for ” energy waste”.

How many businesses would choose to continue and waste electricity, if their monthly bill indicated 30% of their costs were in fact, wasted energy?

Awareness often drives change, you won’t fix a problem unless you are made aware of it and one as expensive as energy requires everyone’s immediate attention.

We all have become accustomed to our monthly electricity bills and somewhat numb to the sticker shock of rising costs, it is what it is! What can you do, it has to be paid. Correct, but it does not have to be so high.

Well it is long overdue and it’s time to change the way you manage your electricity costs, take back control and no longer accept the monthly electricity bill for what it is, without knowing why it is so expensive.

The key to electricity savings and all related cost reduction, is having the necessary data to understand what, when and how much energy is being used throughout your business at all times. Real time visibility of all energy usage  exposes wastage and increased costs in its many different formats.

Becoming energy efficient starts by becoming energy aware and having verifiable data to track all progress made towards eliminating unwanted energy usage. Tools are essential in every process in every trade and profession. Energy Management is no different, if you lack the necessary tools the job won’t get done to your satisfaction, that’s a guarantee. How many tasks have a better outcome when attempted blindfold? Without real time energy visibility you are simply blind to the many problems that occur every day, all adding to unnecessary higher expenditure.

Smart people always take out insurance to avoid the risk of possible future high expenses, they can’t afford should unexpected problems arise. Vootu’s E-TRAQ real time energy monitoring system is a way of insuring your electricity savings are always as high as possible, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” E-TRAQ measures every electrical value their is in real time. Don’t worry vootu deciphers all the data and puts it into actionable steps to maximize your electricity savings.

Energy Savings start with awareness and knowing what’s wrong. There’s no better way to detect every problem other than vootu’s E-TRAQ system, industry best technology at price points that will SHOCK ,you in a good way!

If you agree that its time to investigate how much electricity savings you are missing out on, then the only way to find out is by working with vootu and installing E-TRAQ. Once the analysis has been completed, for the first time ever you will know how much you are overspending every time you receive your monthly electric bill.

If Energy Management was simple, no one would be wasting electricity, unfortunately  approximately 90% of users overspend between 30 – 40% annually on their electricity costs.

Contact vootu today at 727 314 8656 for a FREE initial consultation and an overview of our entire Control – Reduce – Eliminate process.

We are ready to help you fully understand the problem and to finally lower your costs and  Carbon footprint in 2021, without increasing your planned expenses!