It’s not very often that good FREE energy saving advice is ever offered. Today I’m sharing what I know in the hope it will be received in the manner I intend, simply to help.

On a day to day basis I’m deeply immersed in the energy saving industry in all its many facets, if it can effectively help lower energy costs it has my attention.

Unfortunately I get to see far too many products/companies that make attractive claims regarding reducing energy costs.Yet these companies have no scientific basis to support their impressive marketing messages. People appear to be drawn by slick ads, fake Youtube style testimonials or fast talking salespeople.

Very few people really fully understand electricity and the myriad of technologies powered by this invisible fuel! Understanding energy inefficiencies is just one aspect of electricity cost reduction.

In my experience based over the past 25 years, there has never been a better investment to help save energy/money than monitoring your electricity usage. Without question “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” and “indeed you can’t fix what you don’t know has broken”

So forget everything you thought that may save you energy and position yourself to know what’s actually helping you save, by being able to see your actual performance.

Real time energy management systems such as vootu’s E-TRAQ platform turn your energy usage into visible easy to understand graphs and charts. Now you can spot  all of your energy waste/inefficiencies. With a powerful analytics data base you can finally check you electric meter for accuracy (that’s valuable). Don’t assume your meter is accurate, verify it and be sure you’re only paying for what you’ve used. The same goes for all electrical values, don’t assume your power company delivers high quality energy 100% of the time, if they don’t you will pay the price.

E-TRAQ …how much is it, that’s almost the first question I get asked, when a more sensible question would be “how much money can it save me”.  Clearly that’s not an answer I can be precise about, as every building performs differently, yet all are inefficient. However what I can say is I have never, not once installed an EMS system that has not revealed significant  cost savings within the first 30 day data collection period.

These savings come from identifying blatant energy waste from equipment not being turned off or faulty equipment consuming too much energy. To people not conserving electricity when they vacate their workplace. Chiller plants operating needlessly or incorrectly set up! To utility transformers providing bad power quality.

You simply will never know how bad things are until you gain insight into your power profile. E-TRAQ will deliver an R.O.I it’s just impossible to say from where from, as so many problems can exist  today and will go unnoticed forever. That is unless you change the way you view your power!

It’s my experience, these cost effective devices are 100% necessary for all business large or small. E-TRAQ

will over a period of time prove priceless as electricity prices and energy waste only continue to rise.

Invest in vootu’s experience and let E-TRAQ reduce your energy costs by exposing all of the hidden waste and unnecessary costs you derive zero benefit from. Once eliminated how much future losses did you avoid? Probably tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars….now how much value does my free advice provide?

It’s a fact everyone will fix a water leak, even worse a natural gas leak, both of these are picked up by our natural senses, yet no one can see or smell electricity waste. That’s why you need to invest in E-TRAQ an affordable solution to eliminating an expensive problem.

Call vootu at 727 242 0008 to discuss the benefits you facility might receive from real time energy data!!