how to save electricity bills

How to save electricity bills is now becoming a much more common question. Most people appear to see energy savings as a relatively small opportunity with little financial benefits to be gained for the effort it takes. It’s my experience  that electricity saving opportunities are like icebergs, in so far as there are far more opportunities hidden below the surface than you can actually see or understand!

To truly understand all the potential opportunities to reduce your eclectic usage by up to 30% and find out how to save electricity bills, you first need accurate data. Guesswork has no place when it comes to figuring out all of your energy waste and those electrical problems that continue to drive up your costs.

Real time energy monitors such as E-TRAQ are the only solution, finally  you can start to understand how energy is being used throughout any building, either single or three phase. Real time energy data presented in graphical format makes spotting energy waste simple. Power quality received from your electric company is vitally important to the efficient operation of all equipment. Having this level of insight puts you back in control of your energy usage and costs.

Demand charges represent a large proportion of commercial energy users costs, with E-TRAQ you now have complete visibility, to see when and what causes your peak usage, now you know how to save electricity bills, by seeing the problems.

Brown outs are often a common occurrence and mostly go unnoticed, yet each time this happens your equipment is placed under stress resulting in damage and also premature failure. Phase loss protection should not have to be the answer, the electric company is regulated to provide good quality power at all times. Having documented proof of regular brown outs will help to get this problem resolved, without the added expense of phase loss protection.

Its hard to identify all inefficient usage and behavioral habits of people leaving equipment turned on when unnecessary. Real time energy monitors pin point every event where lights and equipment are left running when not needed.

Have you ever wondered if your revenue grade meter supplied by your electric company is in fact accurate? After all it never gets inspected or tested for calibration! Install E-TRAQ and you can then always check the monthly electric bill for accuracy, peace of mind knowing you are paying only for what you have used.

Knowing how to save electricity bills is a whole lot easier when you can see the problems causing your costs to spiral out of control and once fixed you have instant confirmation that everything is ok.

Vootu provide E-TRAQ as the tool essential to eliminating all energy waste and electrical problems in commercial and Industrial facilities.

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