McDonalds Save Energy

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McDonalds saves energy using vootu LED

Vootu LED achieved excellent results  helping a McDonalds location in Ohio improve their lighting needs and save energy by replacing their outdated 175 watt Metal Halide lamps with vootu’s high efficiency 40 watt LED Corn Lamps.Proudly stated, “We nailed it. The owner loves the new lights!” Another great example of vootu helping businesses save energy and improve lighting quality.

Vootu’s range of high efficiency LED corn lamps are omni directional in light output giving the same effect as traditional lamps using significantly less energy and producing higher quality light. With No Ultraviolet or infrared light being emitted you’ll notice bugs are no longer attracted to you light fixtures. Vootu LED corn lamps are designed to fit your current fixtures/ enclosures and perform without compromise. With an industry best 5 year warranty these lamps provide a great invetsment saving both energy and maintenance.

vootu manufacturers one of the largest range of commercial grade LED lighting products in the USA. For over a decade our products have ranked as the most reliable and best value for our clients. LED technology continues to rapidly advance, not in terms of reliability for vootu, that has been long since been achieved. Today our focus is on lumens per watt Lm/w or more importantly achieving greater lumen output using less watts ( energy) the results being more light less cost. Take for example a traditional 60 watt incandescent lamp, made famous by Thomas Edison, today our Vootu A19 9 watt produces slightly more lumen output yet uses 85% less energy. In addition Edison lamps last around 2000hrs compared to our LED life of 35,000 hrs thats 17.5 times longer. Imagine the financial savings during that time, even electricty costs will rise several times over the life of a vootu led lamp.

Product: Corn Lamp Bulbs

Application: Replace outdoor Metal Halide lamps

Client: McDonalds

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