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Auto Dealerships Hit Jackpot In Energy Savings

By April 27, 2017 No Comments
Reduce Energy Bill

If today’s leading car manufacturers compete for higher efficiencies and improved safety standards in their vehicles, then why are their dealerships failing to keep up with the times? Modern cars adopt LED lighting, energy recovery braking systems, etc., yet dealerships operate with outdated inefficient technologies that burden their profitability and hold back sales!

Vootu has the perfect range of retrofit solutions to restore those vintage buildings into energy efficient showrooms. Dealerships should be utilizing lighting systems that consume a fraction of energy, are low maintenance, and provide quality light to showcase vehicles in the best way possible.

Illuminating dealership lots has traditionally been with HID high wattage lamps in the 1000 watt range. Those come with high costs, are energy hogs with short life spans, and output a fraction of the light now compared to when they were new.

Today with high efficiency LED luminaries we can better illuminate dealer lots with improved color rendering. This showcases the true colors of the cars using 80% less energy and higher illumination levels. With the proven reliability of LED lighting, maintenance expenses are avoided for up to 10 years, providing a very fast return on your investment.

Reducing energy consumption does not stop with lighting. Vootu has a proven track record of significant energy saving with our proprietary technology for Air Conditioning and motor driven applications such as pumps, fans, and refrigerated space. Our Energy Saving Solutions deliver up to 40% reductions in energy usage, increasing any company’s profits for many years to come. With up to a 76% return annually on your investment, saving energy should be a NO BRAINER for any business owner.

Eliminating energy wastage should be a priority, so why wait?