Today’s reality is simple, electricity costs continues to rise year after year, following a historically upward trend; which will not change in the future unless we change our reliance on fossil fuels. This unfortunately, I don’t see happening.

To reduce your electricity costs its simple, you must use less! Turning things off when they are not in use is a good start and changing your inefficient lighting systems to high efficiency LED lighting makes an improvement. But what about all the remaining energy waste, is lighting the primary inefficiency? The answer is no.

In some regards the problem with high costs relates directly to building occupants, those individuals control how much energy is used, often having no regard for the cost of leaving devices plugged in or switched on when not in use or needed.

Implementing an awareness campaign which highlights the problems of high electricity costs today and requesting the support and help of building occupants, to turn off items not in use such as computers, printers, lights etc. when vacating their work space can have a significant impact on lowering costs.

For those individuals who truly wish to take their energy savings to the highest level, you have to diagnose the entire problem. This can be done in the same way we trouble shoot all problems to find the route cause before taking any action, and then we can plan to fix the issue.

To diagnose your energy waste, you need to make electricity consumption visible, in real time, together with all the relevant electrical parameters that can affect electricity costs. Building systems are all powered by electricity and most often are inefficient or operating unnecessarily at times when people are not present, these events will go unnoticed. Electrical faults will not only deteriorate into electrical failure, but can also cause increased expenses until failure happens. A stiff electrical power supply is also vital to efficient equipment operation, when grid power deteriorates, costs will rise and equipment eventually will fail prematurely.

Combating all of these problems and staying energy efficient can only be achieved by measuring and monitoring all energy usage and electrical values in real time. Vootu’s next generation energy monitoring system E-TRAK is a web enabled platform that converts normally unseen energy data into meaningful charts and graphs, providing all the information necessary to understand your systems are operating efficiently, your power quality is within acceptable tolerances and your energy usage profile matches your operating hours.

Utilizing valuable energy data allows you to eliminate ALL energy waste, not some. Vootu’s experience has shown that most organizations waste on average 30% of the electricity costs they purchase, even as high as 40%.

To embark on reducing electricity costs without first investing in E-TRAK, will achieve similar levels of success as having a blind guide dog, guide a blind person!……Hopefully you can SEE the analogy and the value of complete transparency of your energy data.

E-Trak once commissioned will collect and store all historic data as a baseline of where you began. First a health check of all critical electrical values will be performed then a verification of your utility meter accuracy before you begin to study your daily consumption profile and load demand patterns. Now you have full control of your energy usage and can start the process of reducing electricity costs by eliminating energy waste. All efficiency upgrades can be verified in real time eliminating the uncertainty that projected savings aren’t being met.

Energy management delivers energy savings, and when approached correctly it will never need financial investment as the savings generated prevent any additional capital investment having to be made! Implementing a smart energy reduction program means working with a smart energy management company with a proven track record for achieving industry best results.

Contact vootu at 727-242-0008 to discuss how we can help eliminate all of your energy waste without affecting your budget. The money is already there, it’s simply going in the wrong direction, let vootu redirect it to your bottom line.