electrical system maintenance for maximum efficiency

When was the last time you undertook a full energy health check?

We take electricity for granted.  We assume the electrical grid is strong and supply for the most part is very reliable and on demand 24/7. This accessibility has resulted in increased energy usage/costs as we have no regard for conserving this expensive commodity, we simply continue to use and waste at will.

We regularly service our cars, have personal annual health checks and implement maintenance schedules for our equipment to make sure they perform optimally.

So why do our electrical systems receive no attention at all? Well historically we have had no easy way of tracking or visualizing how energy is being used or identifying any poor performance values that drive up energy costs.

It’s time for change that mindset. Reducing energy consumption and costs starts with being able to see the problem, much in the same way anything else is repaired when broken; we realize there is an issue and we take care of it. If you had a water leak sooner or later you would spot the problem and call a plumber for a quick repair. If you ever smell gas, a moment would not be spared before action was taken to identify and fix the problem.

Unfortunately electricity is invisible, odorless and silent. This makes identifying costly problems difficult or impossible to identify.  Often these problems continue to steadily grow over time and failure to spot these amplifying expenses hurts your profits or takes away from available funds that could be put to better use. Energy reduction is not a DIY project. Much in the same way we trust a health professional to look after us. Saving energy involves understanding energy management and the associated science of inefficiencies. Vootu provides a comprehensive service to take care of this technical problem for you.

To combat this problem and bring complete visibility to all of your electricity values and consumption patterns, vootu have developed a real time energy monitor that displays in easy to understand graphs and charts your electricity data.

Now you can have peace of mind that no longer will this expensive necessity be invisible, you can perform a health check on your buildings energy usage, not restricted to simple kilowatt hours but a more granular level, digging deeper into the areas that can cause higher costs that would normally remain hidden.

Phase loads, voltage peaks, and power factor, active and reactive power all contribute to what you spend. If you have a Harmonic distortion problem in your electrical system, then both energy costs and equipment breakdowns will increase.

We all agree if you are in good health, physical activity becomes a lot easier. This same principle applies to energy consumption. Poor quality power will cost you more, electrical issues will cost you more, and energy inefficiency will cost you more! All of these problems can be identified and eliminated successfully if you knew they were happening.

Vootu has developed solutions to combat all of these financial vampires that needlessly consuming energy you don’t benefit from yet you continue to pay for.