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Climate Change and Cost Reduction go Hand in Hand

By September 26, 2019 No Comments
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My names Dave Watson, I’m dedicated to helping all business owners lower their electricity costs in a budget neutral way. You don’t have to spend more to save energy, that I can guarantee.
My only question is will it be your business I help? I’m only asking because you might think why not my business? Please read on to find out why.
Climate change and Global warming in my opinion are detrimentally impacted by the way we all consume energy.The sheer volume of Carbon we emit into our atmosphere is accelerating both Global warming and ultimately Climate change. This impacts all of our lives!
Not everyone agrees with the science behind Climate change/ Global warming and the documented proof that our addiction to fossil fuels is harming our planet. Yet I’m guessing that everyone would agree with cutting electricity costs without cutting productivity is a great concept.
Commercial buildings alone consume about 60% of the electricity generated by power plants and 30% of that electricity is unfortunately wasted. No benefits at all, only adding unnecessary expense and according to  federal data that’s $60B wasted in the US every year! So why would anyone continue to overspend on electricity. Especially when everyone can cut their costs and reduce their carbon footprint simultaneously?
We need more leaders, forward thinking business leaders who commit to helping their companies eliminate all energy waste, increase their profits and reduce their carbon footprint by making one simple decision “Eliminate ALL Energy Waste NOW, NO DELAYS.”
From a financial perspective it will cost you more by continuing to be inefficient every day, than it would if you take action.
Vootu has a proven track record of creating budget neutral energy saving programs that never require increasing today’s energy budgets. The savings realized are more than capable of financing any program, making this now, almost too good to be true. We guarantee this smart approach to energy efficiency, yet sadly we can’t guarantee anyone will take the necessary action and call vootu, why?
Becoming a leader, standing up for what is right,  this will only generate positive results for all. But only when you work with a company with a proven track record of delivering measurable and verifiable energy savings. If Energy Management was easy, you would have already taken care of the problem. Let vootu help you with a transparent and risk free energy reduction program that positively impacts everyone.
Call vootu today for a free initial consultation 727.314.8656 – 15 minutes of your time, could save you 30% on your electricity costs!