Do LED Lights Save Energy

Do LED Lights save Energy, the simple answer is they do use less electricity to produce visible lights (lumens) in short the simple answer is yes they can save energy.

As an example a traditional Edison style light bulb consuming 60 watts would produce around 800 lumens. This equates to an efficacy rating of 13 lumens per watt (lm/w) in contrast todays LED lamps still produce the required 800 lumens yet only use 9 watts of electricity giving them a much higher efficacy 89lm/w.

When asked, do LED Lights save energy, I guess most people are asking will it cost me less! To some degree the answer is still yes, although there is more to understand when it comes to cost savings. For instance the initial cost of LED lighting is higher than that of incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps. In addition to reduced electricity consumption, LED lights last a whole lot longer than those legacy lights they aim to replace. Overall cost of ownership, electricity use and combined lamp costs today makes LED a winner each time comparison calculations are done.

But what about lighting that requires electrical alterations, do those offer savings? Here’s where a more thorough cost analysis needs to be done, electricians come at at high costs and often they are necessary to safely complete the work.

As an example most parking lots are illuminated using the tried and tested metal halide lamp that are energized by a ballast, another component that adds cost of ownership. A typical 400 watt metal halide lamp can today be replaced with a 150 watt LED fixture producing around 22,000 lumens (directional) this will generally also provide a beneficial increased foot candle level. Rated at 50,000 hours of life the LED fixture operating each day for a full 12 hours (dusk to dawn) will last 11.4 years, how many 400 watt metal halide lamps, ballast and lift hires do you think would have taken place during 11.4 years?

The best way to save energy is turn it off when not needed, yet the reverse tend to happen when LED lighting is installed. The attitude of “oh well it’s not costing me much” causes lights to be left on, more than normal. Therefore motion sensors make a great addition to LED lights to counter the aforementioned problem. Additionally LED technology is solid state and unharmed by regular switching patterns, something that negatively impacted fluorescent lights, so now’s the time to use motion sensors in all of those areas that regularly have lights left turned on and no one present.

So again, do LED Lights save energy, they certainly do, but beware ,not all LED technology is built to last and premature failure will cost you more! Read the conditions attached to warranties, especially those greater than 5 years, it may simply be a marketing ploy!

LED lights are all electronic and suffer from voltage fluctuations, so if you live in an area with known electricity spikes, you certainly would benefit from transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) No LED manufacturer replaces failed products caused by voltage spikes.

Do LED Lights Save Energy in 3 phase electrical systems? The principle remains the same, they use less wattage, that’s what your electric company charge for, kilowatts (1000 watts) consumed over a one hour period (KWh)

One of the biggest mistakes made when upgrading a commercial 3 phase building to LED lighting is phase balancing! When phase loads change due to eliminating a higher wattage lamp with a lower wattage lamp many times the 3 phases become unbalanced. Demand charges appear on all 3 phase supply bills and phase imbalances will increase your demand charges, together with several other negative effects caused by the same issue.

So do LED lights save energy, they do but to maximize those savings in commercial 3 phase services, its always best to employ an energy management company to upgrade your lighting to high efficiency LED. This way maximum energy savings are guaranteed.[huge_it_slider id=”1″]

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