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Energy Awareness Month

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Energy Awareness month should not be restricted to the month of October alone; it’s a topic that should be front and center in ever businesses daily operations. Energy bills arrive every month, not just October!

Electricity costs are a part of everyone’s operating expenses and an item that’s typically not given much consideration for, yet budgeted for each year, based on historic usage and projected increases in costs.

Continuing to go along with this process will inevitably lead to only one thing, higher and higher costs each year, there is no question of that.

There are alternative approaches available, ones that result in permanently lower energy costs.

I’m referring to becoming energy efficient and only using what you need; the only difference you will see is in lower electricity bills. Energy awareness month should be every month

Often Energy Saving Programs are short lived as no significant savings were realized, so everyone’s efforts and behaviors fall back to the old way! A lack of Energy awareness restricts what you can do.

Data shows us that most business operations waste at least 30% of the energy they pay for every year! That’s an alarming amount of money spent for gaining nothing in return.

With such a large amount being wasted, why are there not more companies striving to become energy efficient and reap those financial rewards? If energy awareness month has to wait until October tat the time of writing this that’s a further 9 months of energy waste and financial losses.

The truth is energy waste to the untrained eye appears just like an iceberg (only a small amount is actually visible) to a trained energy manager we know there is a great deal of opportunity hiding below the surface, far more than what’s visible.

Energy waste does not happen in just a handful of areas, it occurs in everything powered by electricity, the good news is, all of this waste can be eliminated if approached in the correct manner.

Technology continues to improve all of our lives in every respect; unfortunately though it appears that few are applying technology to help reduce their energy costs. Advancements in technologies move at a fast pace, yet most energy saving technology is well proven, mature and delivers predictable savings.

Creating an integrated energy saving program that optimizes the efficiency of all areas of energy use will deliver lasting and significant savings. Why not eliminate the 30% energy waste you currently pay for, by being progressive and optimizing the efficiency of the equipment you have.

Energy Awareness month is today, now you are well aware of the financial benefits to be gained, so what are you waiting for?

Would you like to know how much energy you are currently wasting and the financial burden it continues to deliver? Better still have a full analysis and business proposal that provides all of the data necessary to make a well informed and smart decision to become a responsible user of energy.

The time to act is now, you won’t ever run out of electricity, and that’s the problem, there’s no limit to what you can use, the bill simply gets bigger. I bet if there was a limited amount of availability, only then would you start to be concerned about the amount of usage, no one likes the thought of being in the dark.

Vootu understands how energy waste occurs and how best to tackle the problem from utility power quality to partially loaded motors, energy waste silently drives up your costs.

For a complete solution to this old problem, contact vootu, our processes analyze power use before any decision can be made regarding how to fix the problem, you first have to identify them all. Data driven recommendations backed by guaranteed outcomes makes vootu a risk free decision.

For those who regret never being an early investor of Amazon, Apple, Netflix or Google, you have the chance to make a great investment in your financial future, one with a guaranteed outcome.

Call Vootu today to find out how the entire process works at 727 314 8656

Make today Energy awareness month, why wait any longer?