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Energy Monitors – Why They are Important

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Energy saving Business

Over the past decade vootu has been actively assisting businesses throughout the Unites States both large and small, in all industries to eliminate their energy waste through implementing our Energy Management processes. The results are consistent in all cases:

  • Proven to LOWER expenses
  • Proven to INCREASE profits
  • Guaranteed to IMPROVE your green credentials

Energy Management focuses on saving energy through the process of monitoring, controlling and conserving energy within building. The benefits are measurable and lasting.

We can all identify in every industry those businesses that cut corners, those that fail to recognize that quality workmanship builds good reputation, they simply wish to make quick money and move onto find their next victim, who will ultimately regret ever doing business with that person or organization!

Vootu Inc. has worked hard to build our reputation, as with anything taking the harder route will ultimately deliver the best results, remember the old saying “if it’s worth doing then do it well.”

Reducing energy costs makes sense for everyone, but it is only achievable through implementing good energy management strategies and committing to a program that aims to eliminate all energy waste. This process alone makes the most sense. The first step in managing your energy usage is to gain control and install vootu’ s real time energy monitoring system (E-TRAK)

Regain Control

Electricity is supplied from power stations through transmission lines to all buildings at various voltages, this process alone is inefficient. After entering your building electricity is supplied to rooms, equipment, lights and socket outlets via a safe distribution system of copper wires correctly sized to carry the loads to power our lives.

None of this activity is visible. Only the output from the power used can be appreciated, in the form of lighting, music, TV or equipment operating. These appliances need energy (wattage) to operate and throughout the course of each day, week, month or year that energy consumption various according to your demand, that you call for 24 hours per day. Our needs fluctuates constantly but never disappear.

At the end of every billing period we receive a utility bill demanding payment. With limited information on that bill you have become accustomed to simply paying without question, every time, even when you receive an unusually high bill. Reluctantly you always make that payment. In reality the bills provide very little useful information, usually the bill breaks down how many Kilowatt hours the utility company has provided, the cost per kilowatt and the total amount owed. Most commercial businesses will have additional charges in the form of Demand charges, possibly power factor penalties, and very little else, other than additional fees and taxes.

Time for CHANGE!

Today we have never been more in touch with data. We rely on our connected electronic devices for information, whether its important meeting reminders from our phones or navigation routes in our cars making our journeys trouble free. Our cars have evolved into a mobile office with built in WiFI in the dashboards for critical safety information display of speed, mpg, warnings when tires are underinflated and reminders when a routine service is approaching.

As an example, you would never consider purchasing a car that did not have a dashboard, even the basic information such as of speed, engine temperature and available gas provide us reassurances. Consider for a moment how risky driving would be without your dashboard, it would soon start to get expensive, running out of gas, fighting speeding tickets and having engine breakdowns! Thankfully car dashboards get more informative and useful every year.

Now stop and think for one short moment, the buildings we operate daily have NO DASHBOARD, zero visibility of how any energy is being used, or when it is being used, even what is using it, or how much does it actually consume?

These are only a few basic pieces of information that when available would allow us the visibility to start to identify wasted energy. What about alarms that could identify potential failure of critical pieces of equipment such as refrigeration or air conditioning units? Every device has its own unique energy profile making it easy to identify potential energy waste or potential breakdowns when their profile change.

When was the last time you verified the accuracy of the utility meter on the wall? There is a good reason it’s referred to as a revenue grade meter. Vootu’ s Real Time Energy Monitoring Systems (E-TRAK) allows you to verify your electricity consumption at any time, a major step forward in the fight to eliminate energy waste and become energy efficient. An addition 39 other electrical values can be tracked, such as Apparent power, Active power, Real power, Power factor by phase, THD by phase etc.

Over the course of time there are countless situations that go unnoticed that cause you to spend more than you should. These are not events where machinery or lighting are left on when not needed. These are supply issues that cause harm to the electrical equipment used daily to generate your revenue for your business, such as voltage sags or over voltage situations, phase loss etc. You might not think these are hurting you financially, but you would be wrong to think that, these types of supply irregularities harm equipment and cause premature failures, that often get labelled as bad product! when in fact the product was fine, the utility company caused premature failure, without you ever knowing!

Energy Monitoring Systems by vootu give you back control. They are far more accurate than your revenue grade meter and monitor significantly more parameters. Providing you a detailed and analytic insight into your energy consumption and daily usage profile, allowing for informed decisions to be made to improve efficiency and eliminate energy waste. Have you ever considered reducing your energy consumption by eliminating all the inefficiencies that lurk in your business, if so, I guarantee without the assistance of a Real Time Energy Monitor by vootu the results could well be disappointing. You might be lucky to achieve a small 2- 5% reduction over the course of a year. Vootu’ s certified energy consultants have consistently been able to reduce energy consumption for our clients between 20 – 40% annually when utilizing the energy data E-TRAK provides in conjunction with the implementation of our recommended energy saving solution we develop for each client company.

You may be considering having an energy audit carried out at your facility, to determine the amount of energy waste that currently exists and the potential savings you could achieve by implementing a robust energy saving program. STOP. This is an antiquated method of analyzing waste. The problem with this approach is it’s only accurate on the day it was completed. In contrast using Real Time Data (E-TRAK) you have a continual audit trail of past present and future energy data, with the additional peace of mind your energy consumption is being policed 24/7 and any energy anomalies are brought to your attention long before you receive an unexpectedly high electricity bill.

Vootu’ s Energy Monitors make life simpler, being connected to the internet you can access this information from anywhere, home, office or mobile. If you have multiple locations, then each can be displayed on one portal to easily compare performance and spot inefficient locations or departments. Daily reports can be sent to the appropriate people, such as financials to the company CFO or alarms to the maintenance department when unusual events such as higher than normal amperage levels are experienced or voltage sags on any phase!

To conclude without the use of web based accurate vootu energy monitors (E-TRAK), saving energy will be difficult and projecting potential reductions in energy consumption will be inaccurate. Based on our experience your overall result will be considerably less when compared to the vootu approach to energy management, after all “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

Contact us today and get started tomorrow with no-pressure Free Consultation with a Certified vootu Energy Consultant and begin to ‘Green Your Company’s’ image by reducing expenses and paying only for what you need. Anything more is waste!