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Vootu’s mission is Controlling electricity costs by Reducing energy consumption and Eliminating inefficient utility waste.

Vootu Energy Management’s approach is data driven, no guesswork. Today you have little to zero visibility of what equipment at your business uses energy or what their individual costs to operate are or their efficiencies.  What is absolute is the utility company will tabulate and charge you for every kilowatt possible. Saving you money is not in their interests.

The good news is you don’t have to rush out and upgrade any of your existing equipment. It’s true that equipment manufactured today will be more efficient than say 5 years ago, but often that large investment cannot be justified, given the small improvements in efficiency gained.

There is a better way. Working with Vootu, we optimize the equipment you currently have. We can improve almost anything that consumes electricity at a fraction of the expense of upgrading to newer equipment. We have an established and verifiable track record of successfully helping businesses in all industries identify energy waste and eliminate entire inefficiencies.

None of our achievements would be possible if we did not have visibility of the problem first. Every building has a different energy profile, so we can only assess how to resolve your energy consumption after we connect E-TRAK our real-time energy monitoring system. DATA is the undisputed truth behind the problem… if you can see it occurring, you can fix it. This may be equipment left on unnecessarily, equipment operating with faults, power quality issues, air-conditioning system programming errors, etc. The list of potential problems is extensive and without investigating them all, you still have the potential for overspending on electricity.

The most common mistake we find companies making is blindly upgrading to high efficiency LED lighting, which will only deliver maximum savings if a full electrical system analysis is done BEFORE upgrading and then AFTER to gain tangible and visible data on how this upgrade will affect your overall electrical system.

Data analysis to build a client energy profile of utility usage.
Hands on data analysis to build a client energy profile of utility usage.

What if the LED product(s) have a bad power factor or poor harmonic distortion values? You would never know this, although what you would see is lower than expected energy savings, leaving you disappointed in the outcome, the technology and the investment.

Working with Vootu eliminates all the risks. We follow a well proven methodology that delivers RESULTS. We GUARANTEE to reduce any client’s electricity consumption by 20% on an annual basis, and in most cases even higher. We strive to achieve a 2 year or less return on your investment. Once the investment has been recaptured, your energy savings will continue to increase for years to come as energy costs will surely continue to rise.

For a FREE no obligation consultation, please contact Vootu today at (727) 314 8656 and speak with one of our knowledgeable and Certified Energy Consultants, you will be surprised how much you can save and how easy vootu have made this process.


 There are two things you can never regain, TIME and MONEY SPENT. We can’t recover any past expenses, but we can put a stop to future electricity waste. The time for YOU TO ACT IS TODAY!

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