Renewable Energy - Energy Saving Solar

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My point is that renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, fuel cells etc. are all in themselves sustainable energy producers. Simply replacing or reducing the number of power stations with clean energy production is not the first or best step we all should be taking.

Energy conservation and efficiency measures deliver better investments and faster Returns on Investment, plus they make the most sense. If we waste between 25 – 40% of all the power today that’s produced, then look at how big that potential is if we all played our part and committed to an energy waste free world.

Realistically not everyone will participate, despite the very attractive financial benefits that come with conservation and efficiency improvements. Consider the impact if just 50% of people and businesses developed an energy reduction plan.

Saving energy is not a cost, you don’t even have to budget to take action, the savings created will if done correctly pay for the upgrades. Essentially, this opportunity becomes common sense and you will be kicking yourself for not implementing it sooner. You can be forgiven for not having realized this was an option, but never forgiven for continuing with the status quo!

To conclude removing the wasted energy first lessens the amount of solar PV, Wind turbines or fuel cells necessary to provide the power we need. 100% of the energy generated delivers useful work, ultimately the best approach to the energy problem we all face.