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Energy Waste

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energy waste

Energy waste, due to inefficient electricity usage is hurting everyone financially and in turn also polluting our environment. So why do so many energy-saving projects never receive a green light?

Electricity powers each of our lives and is essential to everyone’s daily activities and wellbeing. We truly depend on electricity for almost everything we do, taking it for granted, expecting it to always be there when we flip the switch. With such an abundant supply, it’s easy to get complacent and become wasteful.

Our addiction to electricity has led to increased levels of energy waste, that’s the proportion of energy used that provides no useful benefit, it simply drives up our operating expenses. It’s hard to know how much energy we waste at any given time! Or is it?

The problem I see, why energy-saving programs often don’t get the green light, is simply. I believe it’s because we can’t see energy waste taking place or easily quantify how much this is hurting our finances. If we, therefore, are unaware of and don’t understand the magnitude of this problem or the true benefits and value provided by becoming energy efficient. It’s easy to understand why so many people choose not to recognize that the problem even exists!

Would you be shocked to learn at least 30% of your annual electricity purchased, is then wasted? No value, only increased cost!

Would you be interested to learn about Vootu’s proven process to identify and quantify all current energy waste within a facility, regardless of age? Being able to understand every aspect of this opportunity and see the attractive financial benefits provided, before deciding to act, would this make more sense?

Vootu’s Energy Management Services provide exactly that, precise data, that finally exposes and explains the entire problem. Importantly, how to eliminate each problem and measure/verify individual progress. Data drives successful decisions, not guesswork!

Our data-driven process of analysis pinpoints all available opportunities to save energy, lower costs and extend equipment life. Eliminating energy waste promotes a more sustainable energy future, lowers your operating costs permanently, and provides a road map towards integrating renewable energy sources.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” equally “you can’t eliminate a problem you can’t identify”.

It’s time to act and find out just how big your energy problem is and what the ultimate financial savings could be. No two buildings share the same energy problems, each holds unique opportunities to reduce energy use and costs.

Control – Reduce – Eliminate, is the only way to guarantee a future where energy waste does not exist.

Vootu technology today guarantees tomorrow will be energy efficient.

contact vootu: 727 314 8656 and find out how this process works.