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How to Lower your Electricity Costs

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How to Lower your Electricity Costs.

Electricity costs today remain one of the highest operating expenses for most organizations. Historical increases in electricity rates indicate this trend will never change and this has now become a financial problem. Predictably, all future electricity costs will only continue to rise as the natural resources used to generate electricity become even more scarce.

Electricity costs, for the most part, remain unknown until the next bill arrives. Even then, there is very little insight, no breakdown of your electricity usage or indication of what caused the cost to be so high.  With such limited data, this makes all future attempts to reduce electricity usage very difficult. By not having the confidence of knowing exactly where the problem is! I believe this is the number one reason why most organizations remain with the status quo and continue to overpay for their electricity!

There is an alternative approach, one guaranteed to lower your electricity costs. Try adopting a process whereby electricity cost reduction becomes predictable and risk-free. This will require introducing new technology to track all energy usage in real-time. You can’t manage what you can’t measure!

Electricity powers our lives; we all rely heavily on this readily available power to make everyday processes easier. Unfortunately, due to our reliance on electricity, a large amount of “waste” takes place. This is where our new focus must be, identifying and eliminating what we don’t need, yet currently, pay for (electricity waste).

Energy waste within most commercial facilities has been studied in detail and calculated to be about 30% of most electricity bills. Eliminating this waste is one of the fastest ways to lower your electricity costs and save your organization money.

With so much hype and media exposure talking about renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power generation. You might instantly jump to thinking that’s the way to reduce your electricity costs. Consider for a moment, will this eliminate all the inefficiencies and electricity waste currently driving up your expenses? The simple answer is no it does nothing to tackle the first and most important process in electricity cost reduction, becoming energy efficient.

Vootu has always advocated the path to lowest electricity costs is by adopting the Control – Reduce – Eliminate energy reduction process.

Vootu’s energy management services place Control as the most important; step towards future lower electricity costs and sets a path towards a more sustainable energy future.

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Guaranteed electricity savings, reduced maintenance burden, longer equipment life, and improved environmental conditions, all without increasing your budgets.

For a total solution to the current energy problems you face, you need an energy reduction plan. One that starts with eliminating energy waste, improving efficiencies, and leads to renewable energy generation.

Vootu, energy management services provide honest and ethical energy-saving solutions guaranteed to achieve your future energy-saving goals.